Xu Jiaos return from the United States raises questions: can stars be special?

 Xu Jiaos return from the United States raises questions: can stars be special?

Xu Jiaos isolation at home raises questions about privilege: can stars be special when all the children are gone? (source: original)

On the evening of March 18, Cheng, a 16-year-old girl from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, went home from the United States, and her family asked her to live in isolation when they had a dispute with the security guard. On the 19th, according to @ West Lake, Cheng was a minor and arranged for him to be isolated at home. On the 23rd, Chengs father offered to go to the central isolation point for isolation. The parents of the parties are not public officials. Actor Xu Jiao returned to Hangzhou from the United States on March 19 without centralized isolation. She claimed to have reported to the relevant authorities for approval. On March 21, Hangzhou announced that as long as she went to the United States, she needed to focus on observation for 14 days. Xu Jiao, 23, was questioned by netizens to use privilege to isolate her family.

Hangzhou overseas students hard entry into the community is questioned

After returning to Hangzhou from the United States, the 16-year-old international students who have attracted much attention have not been intensively isolated and forced to enter the community has made new progress. The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control command of Xihu District, Hangzhou, announced in the afternoon of March 23rd that the father of the party had offered to isolate the isolated spots and explained the matter to the netizens through micro-blog. After preliminary investigation, the parents of the party concerned are neither public officials nor Party members leading cadres, and no behavior of courting and greeting is found, which will be further verified and investigated.

Hangzhou responds that there are differences between 16 year old international students and their classmates: each district has taken different measures, but they are compliant

In response to the fact that 16-year-old international students returned to Hangzhou from the United States did not have centralized isolation, the government office of West Lake District of Hangzhou City responded that Cheng was a minor and arranged for their home isolation in accordance with the document hang Fang Ju [2020] No. 7. On March 23, a parent told Nandu that his son and the overseas student Cheng are classmates. They started from the United States and transferred through Japan, and arrived in Hangzhou on March 17. Originally, he had communicated with the community and decided to be isolated at home, but his son was directly sent to the hotel for centralized isolation when he arrived in Hangzhou that day. At present, his son is still in centralized isolation.