Kirin software, a domestic operating system developer, will invest 10 billion yuan

 Kirin software, a domestic operating system developer, will invest 10 billion yuan

Operating system is called the soul of software, but the situation of Chinese operating system is always weak and scattered. At the beginning of this year, CEC took the lead in integrating its two winning operating system enterprises, Kirin and Galaxy Kirin, and set up Kirin software, which specializes in the research and development of domestic operating systems. The goal is to build Chinas national operating system that is safe, advanced, easy to use and effective, and realize the leap forward innovation and development in the field of operating systems.

It is understood that the logo image of these two operating systems is the auspicious animal unicorn in ancient Chinese myths and legends, one is red, which means fire unicorn; the other is blue, which means ice unicorn. The combination of ice Fire Kirin has attracted attention both inside and outside the industry.

Chen Ximing, member of the Party group and deputy general manager of CEC, said in an interview: when CEC integrates the winning Kirin and Galaxy Kirin, the most important thing is to integrate the R & D force around the core and key technologies of the operating system. Put the technicians of both sides together, reorganize according to the operating system development plan, and increase more R & D investment according to the plan.

It is understood that in the future, Kirin software will be based on the future technology development trend of artificial intelligence, mobile computing, cloud interconnection and so on, with the characteristics of endogenous security, integration into mobile, focus on experience, and support system, build an independent operating system team with a scale of more than 10000 people, and create three products of table and server operating system, cloud operating system, and embedded operating system, so as to achieve The national operating system is expected to develop by leaps and bounds, build a secure information technology system, and drive the new infrastructure construction digital economy new engine to provide important support, which is expected to drive the scale of trillion industries.

According to Chen Ximing, capital is not the biggest problem. The core of independent innovation is talent. At present, operating system talents are very scarce and difficult to recruit, so Kirin software considers to rely on the existing team of thousands of people, give full play to the leading advantages of academicians, introduce high-end talents to the world, innovate and build a complete talent training, selection, use and incentive mechanism, and launch a series of measures including joint training, technical research, industrial practice, etc.

According to the plan, by the end of this year, Kirin software will have 2000 people, 5000-6000 people in three years or so, and build a domestic independent operating system elite team of more than 10000 people in five years.

In addition, Kirin software will comprehensively promote joint innovation and open development. Adhere to the principle of platform co construction, resource sharing, joint innovation and open development, and work with all kinds of partners to accelerate the building of the most influential open source community and the most dynamic industrial ecology in China.

Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who attended the ceremony, said that independent innovation is the prerequisite and necessary condition for the realization of network security. We should not expect shortcuts, but do it steadily and firmly. At the same time, he said that CEC has more than 40 years of struggling history of domestic operating system. In the face of increasingly prominent network security challenges, it is necessary to accelerate the promotion of domestic independent innovation plan in core technology and build a safe domestic information technology system.

At the conference, Tianjin municipal government signed strategic cooperation agreements with CEC and Tianjin Binhai high tech Zone and Kirin software to jointly build a national operating system development platform. Lian Maojun, deputy mayor of Tianjin, said that he would fully support the R & D and industrialization of Kirins operating system, actively strive for the national basic software innovation center, fully plan and build the credit and Innovation Industrial Park, provide policy guarantees in tax relief, talent treatment, housing security, application scenarios, etc., and promote the formation of a complete industrial ecology.

Public information shows that in 2009, Kirin operating system became the first domestic operating system serving the core business of civil aviation; in 2012, Kirin operating system took the lead in realizing large-scale application in the field of national security; in 2018, Kirin operating system won the first prize of national science and technology progress in the field of operating system in the history of new China; in 2019, Kirin operating system was widely used in package Nearly 100 bank and insurance users, including Bank of China and China Construction Bank. Over the past 20 years, Kirin has shipped more than 10 million sets of operating system through pre assembly with the whole machine OEM. According to the statistics of CCID report, Kirin operating system has occupied the first market share of Linux operating system in China for eight consecutive years.

In the past 30 years, the domestic operating system represented by Kirin series has been widely used in galaxy, Tianhe computer, large aircraft, large ship, Change project and other major projects.

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