4824 doctors and nurses in Italy were infected with new coronavirus and 24 doctors died

 4824 doctors and nurses in Italy were infected with new coronavirus and 24 doctors died

Source: ansa news agency, Italy

[overseas network novel coronavirus pneumonia March 24th] 23 local time, the National Federation of physicians in Italy said that the number of doctors who died in the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the country has risen to 24. At present, there are about 4824 medical staff infected in Italy.

According to ansa news agency, fnomcoeo, the Italian Federation of physicians, said the latest two doctors killed were a forensic doctor from begamo and a retired general practitioner from the Brescia region, who returned to work in order to deal with the current emergency. It is reported that several such retired doctors were among the martyrs.

In an interview, the president of the National Federation of physicians said that it was imperative to conduct carpet sampling and screening for all medical staff at the forefront of the fight against the new coronavirus. Its unacceptable that doctors are dying, he said. Italys Institute of higher health also said on the same day that about 4824 medical and nursing personnel in the country are currently infected with the new coronavirus. Lombardy is currently the most serious region in Italy. The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy has ranked first in the world.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Italys top new crown pneumonia confirmed that Borrellis total number of confirmed cases rose to 63927, with 6077 cases of cumulative deaths and 7432 cases of cure, said Borrelli, director of the Civil Protection Department of Italy and Commissioner of the new crown Emergency Committee of the 23. There were 601 more deaths than the previous day, 4789 more confirmed cases and 408 more cured cases than the previous day.

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