Can ZTE borrow 5g to turn itself into a 2000 yuan file with video mobile phone?

 Can ZTE borrow 5g to turn itself into a 2000 yuan file with video mobile phone?

Xu Feng once said that 2020 will be the first year for the 5g mobile phone market to break out in an all-round way. It is estimated that the global 5g terminal scale will be about 160 million units, with China accounting for at least half, between 80 million and 100 million units.

To return to the mainstream

In 2010, ZTEs global mobile phone shipments reached 51.8 million, becoming the worlds fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer after Nokia, Samsung and LG at that time, with market share exceeding that of other domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Although it fell back later, its shipments in 2017 still ranked seventh in the global mobile phone shipments list, and ZTE ranked fourth in the US market, which Huawei is also hard to squeeze into.

However, affected by the embargo event in the United States, ZTEs mobile phone business once stagnated in 2018, and its leading edge disappeared immediately.

Xu Feng said in an interview with reporters including first finance and economics that he hoped to return to the mainstream mobile phone brand queue with the help of 5g technology. ZTEs 5g technology has been put into research for many years. In addition, ZTE has the ability of solution from system to terminal, and has experience in technology optimization and commercial use.

In the latest plan, ZTE plans to launch nearly 10 5g mobile phones around the world in 2020, with prices ranging from 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan.

Domestic share of small and medium-sized brands is less than 10%

In the age of 5g, video takes the lead. In 2019, the number of short video users in China is growing rapidly. Whether professional video bloggers or primary video users, there is a large demand for anti shake function when shooting video, especially when shooting moving objects and zooming. In ZTEs view, video phones will be a market opportunity.

From the perspective of price segment pricing, ZTE Tianjis axon 11 price is set at 2698 yuan, which is the first time that ZTE has pulled down the price of 5g mobile phones to 2000 yuan. At the same time, this gear is also the entry-level market controlled by 5g mainstream game players, with fierce competition.

Jia Mo, an analyst at canalys, told reporters that at present, in the domestic mobile phone market, the share of non head manufacturers (five foreign companies) continues to shrink, from 13% in 2018 to 9% in 2019, which means that the market is still converging on the head manufacturers.

ZTEs global and domestic rankings in 2019 are more than 10. But if you look at 5g mobile phones, ZTE is currently ranked seventh in the world and sixth in China. However, it should also be noted that in 2019, nine manufacturers launched 5g mobile phones in the world and seven in China. Jia Mo told reporters that this year, because of the epidemic and other reasons, the top manufacturers will be challenged, and it will be more difficult for other manufacturers without volume advantage.

In Jia Mos view, some small and medium-sized domestic manufacturers can only launch 5g mobile phones after Huawei, oppo, vivo, millet and other manufacturers, which has been abandoned by the first tier 5g team for more than half a year. This is very unfavorable for its competition in the future, and other smaller manufacturers undoubtedly face more severe survival problems.

At the market level, the current mobile phone market has changed from Red Sea to Blood Sea, and the news of capital chain rupture has spread from the third and fourth line brands to the second and third line brands. In such an era of scale heroes, ZTEs global mobile phone market recovery path does not look easy. Under the fierce competition of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and other manufacturers, ZTEs domestic market challenge has just begun.

Source: First Financial Editor: Guo Chenqi, nbj9931