Voice 3 annual voice Festival lineup revealed that Xiao Yang is favored to win the championship

 Voice 3 annual voice Festival lineup revealed that Xiao Yang is favored to win the championship

Voice in its environment 3 Xiao Yang

New express reporter Xu Shaona reports that Hunan Satellite TVs original voice charm competition show voice in its territory 3 will usher in this seasons best annual voice Festival this week. In the last regular season, Xiao Yang stood out and was also given a heavy responsibility by the same periods vocal fans, expecting him to win the title of champion this season.

The third season of the regular season sound in its place was all over last week. This week, the program will usher in the annual Sound Festival, and the favorite voices of the single episode audience will gather together to compete for the title of the king of sound of the year in this seasons voice. In the third season of the program, five singers, Jia Naliang, Liu Lin, Gao Lu, Guo Qilin and Xiao Yang, have been promoted by their own strength. They have different styles. With their own voice, they can change countless possibilities. Each character they perform is amazing. In this fierce competition, the five big voices are equally matched. At that time, what kind of unique moves they will use and which dubbing segment they will choose are highly expected.

In this seasons program, in addition to the audiences favorite voice, a lot of the performance of the vocal coffee is quite eye-catching. Zhang Hanyun, Geng Le, Liu duanduanduanduan and other powerful actors are popular. Their dubbing skills are impressive, and they are praised as treasure trove actors. In addition, during the epidemic period, the program launched a new cloud recording mode, which not only ensured the normal operation of the program, but also showed more talented and powerful public singers to the audience and won a lot of praise.

Source: New Express editor: Chen Shaojie