Wang Shasha: its better to watch acting than to discuss beauty

 Wang Shasha: its better to watch acting than to discuss beauty

Beijing News reported on March 24 that recently the romantic comedy love the chef next door starring Wang Shasha is on the air, which is also known as Mo Xiaobei in the story of the Wulin. Wang Shasha, who plays an idol drama for the first time and tries to play in love, is also on the air.

Wang Shasha tries to love in the TV series in love with the chef next door.

Love the chef next door

Its the first kiss on the screen. Its a little nervous

Falling in love with the chef next door is the work that Wang Shasha inherited when she was a graduate student in the last drama. She not only tasted the sweet love drama for the first time in the drama, but also gave her first kiss on the screen. She revealed that she was a little nervous when filming the kissing scene, because she and the male star Zhang Yao were both love Xiaobai and had little experience. The on-site staff were more nervous than them, so they specially arranged the final shooting of the play, and finished the work after shooting. Fortunately, this is a small shyness just entering the stage of love, not a very intense kissing scene. We also cheered each other on the shoot. Wang Shasha regards this novel experience as love preview.

Yearning for Tong Xiangyus role

Wang Shasha liked to imitate and watch TV plays since she was a child. Huanzhugege and Tianlongbabu are her favorite stories in her childhood. Her family is often pulled by her to imitate. Wang Shasha keeps asking, how do you like my performance?

Wu Lin Wai Zhuan is her second work. At that time, she just finished the heroine yingzi in the TV play little soldier zhangga. As a sitcom, Wulin waizhuan has a strong shooting intensity, one episode a day, and dense lines. Therefore, it has a high demand for small actors. Before Wang Shasha, there were many little actors who had tried the mirror. She still remembers that the content of the audition at that time was a play in which Mo Xiaobei confessed his mistake to his sister-in-law after returning to reality from the modern times: Mo Xiaobei was so headstrong and rebellious that she was rejected by all the people in the inn. She was so angry that she wanted to run away from home. When sleeping on the street, I had a dream that I had gone to a place called movie city. After the trial of the play, the cast signed an appointment with Wang Shasha that afternoon. Although the whole shooting process was very smooth, Wang Shasha always thought that she had no acting skills at that time, but was very sincere.

At that time, Wang Shasha, Yan Ni, Sha Yi and other stars of the Wulin biography had been popular all over the country.

Wang said she would like to try the manager Tong in Wu Lin Wai Zhuan if she put it now. Tong Xiangyu has family, love and friendship. She has a strong personality. She likes such a heavy role. Ive always been told that its impossible to play a little girl forever, and its inevitable to play a mother when I get older. In fact, Im very excited when I hear such a role. Tong Xiangyu is the kind of full and rich role that I have been yearning for. It has both maternal brilliance and little womans romance. Its a charming role.

When I was a freshman, I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination

However, when Wulin waizhuan was popular all over the country, Wang Shashas life did not change. Sometimes, her classmates joked, ah, star! Instead, Wang Shasha would be embarrassed, what are you doing, come less!

In 2018, Wang Shasha got her graduate certificate.

But after Wu Lin Wai Zhuan, Wang Shasha is determined to be an actor. During the college entrance examination, Wang Shasha filled in three universities, i.e. Zhongxi University, Shangxi University and Beidian University. I felt that since I wanted to take this road, all the three top performing universities should take the entrance examination. Finally, she was admitted to the Department of performing arts.

Although most of the characters she created are naughty and willful little girls, Wang Shasha is a quiet and sensible little girl in her life. She will make a plan ahead of time for everything she does. After graduating from University, Wang Shasha chose to go to graduate school. Reading is a natural decision for her. She wanted to go to graduate school in her freshman year. During military training, the teacher asked everyone to write down their wishes. What she wrote was to go to graduate school. At first, she wanted to be a graduate student in the Department of screenwriting and directing. She thought it would be more helpful for her to be an actor in the future. She had a broader mind and could control the whole situation. Later, due to the time limit for preparing for the examination, she took the examination in the Department of acting.

However, Wang Shasha is not worried about the filming. When I study, I ask myself to be a good student, so I will; when I work, I ask myself not to make mistakes, and I will do the same. Ive never been shaken by anything about being an actor.

u25a0 responding to disputes

Im not the perfect beauty

Because falling in love with the chef next door was broadcast, the discussion about beauty was mentioned again. Some viewers thought that Wang Shasha was not beautiful enough to play the heroine of the idol drama. Despite being asked such questions frequently, Wang Shasha was able to deal with them calmly. She said that this question can be answered at any time, but she felt that it would delay everyones time to discuss her beauty all the time. In fact, there have always been doubts about my beauty. After the broadcast of the story of the Wulin , someone said that Mo Xiaobei was not good-looking. But after so many years, everyone said that this kids acting skills were very good. In Wang Shashas view, from the beginning of her first work, she was not playing beauty. The hero in little soldier zhangga was a little Anti Japanese hero who was crawling in the cement pool and Baiyangdian Lake. Since then, neither the mischievous Mo Xiaobei nor the Xiake Ai Hu in Bao Qingtian have been liked by the audience or selected by the producers and directors for their beauty. I didnt play that kind of peerless beauty, which made the audience uncomfortable. I am a very ordinary looking actress. But personally, I dont think I am as ugly as I am, and I hope that other characteristics of myself will be paid more attention.

At the same time, Wang Shasha thinks that in recent years, the audiences aesthetic is also expanding, many actors are not actresses in our traditional aesthetic definition. They have their own characteristics, business capabilities, or conduct, mentality can resonate with you, may as well find some other advantages

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Chen Shaojie