Meimei responds to the call with Kanye. Recording: four years in hell

 Meimei responds to the call with Kanye. Recording: four years in hell

Mildew response

Netease Entertainment reported on March 24 recently, Taylor Swift responded to the recent video leakage incident on the social platform. She said: instead of giving an answer to my feelings about this video, which has spent four years in hell for me, my family and my fans through illegal recording and malicious editing, its better to do something really important with me. Who and the U.S. hunger eradication organization are some of the organizations I donate. If you can, please join me in this crisis.

Kanye Wests video phone call to discuss the lyrics of famous with Taylor Swift was fully exposed. On Saturday, March 21, Kardashian, 39, praised a post to protect her side. Theres nothing new in the video, its all we know and we dont know why people are making such a fuss, wrote the netizen she supported On the other hand, mildewed also praised several posts to celebrate her getting snow from injustice.

In April 2016, Kanyes famouse released two lyrics that caused a huge stir: I think Tyler and I still have the possibility / why to roll the sheets? Im the one who made that man famous. He was referring to the 2009 MTV music awards, where he grabbed the microphone in public, criticizing the mouldy Award for not being worthy of its name, which was snatched from Beyonce.

Famouse has been severely criticized by swift and his team, who believe that the songs are not only insulting to her, but also rubbing her enthusiasm. Kan Ye claimed that he and mouldy got the consent of each other through video phone in advance. Swift didnt deny the call, but said she didnt know the words. Kardashian Po laughs and agrees with part of the video of the song to prove that the other person is lying. After that, Swifts social network was covered with black paint and snake expression packs, which made her avoid social platforms for a time.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie