Mobile, telecom, Unicom collective rectification! Old users are no longer like dogs

 Mobile, telecom, Unicom collective rectification! Old users are no longer like dogs

China Mobileu2014u2014

In response to the problem of unintended customization and other violations against the interests of the masses, China Mobile said that it would strengthen the assessment and accountability, printed and distributed the measures for punishment and accountability of China Mobile for violations against the interests of customers, strictly checked the red line violations, actively promoted the measures such as simplifying the tariff, the pilot of the mode of self selection of tariff, the full publicity of the tariff on sale, simplifying the mutual exclusion rules of package change, etc., and promoted Transparent consumption to protect customers free choice rights.

In response to the problem that most of the front-line outlets are outsourcing and cooperative operations, China Mobile is optimizing channel introduction, strict channel management, and taking measures such as reducing the area of offices and stores, transferring business personnel, closing and transferring loss offices and stores to save costs and strengthen services.

By the end of September 2019, 4132 Direct stores and 20841 franchise stores of China Mobile had been effectively separated by door signs, and 79 serious illegal channels had been blacklisted, 53 of which had terminated cooperation.

At the same time, China Mobile is improving its e-commerce channel capacity and working efficiency. By the end of August 2019, high-value business processing of electronic channels accounted for 50.92%, and the success rate of online channel business processing increased to 57%, 8 percentage points higher than before the inspection and rectification.

In response to the problem of poor service quality, China Mobile has increased its assessment efforts, fully incorporated customer satisfaction into the 2019 performance appraisal, increased its assessment on the satisfaction of Companies in various provinces, regions and cities from 10 in 2018 to 15, and simultaneously assessed the service quality of 10 relevant professional companies.

China Mobile said that in the implementation of the practice of promoting reform through inspection, the number of customer complaints dropped significantly, and the number of complaints about service quality problems such as the network wide uncertainty system dropped by 73% year on year.

China Telecomu2014u2014

In response to the problem of different rights of new and old users and unlimited flow of false publicity, China Telecom has made clear the authority to handle store classification, the same rights of 1-3 level departments and the same store, fully implemented the requirements of Five Prohibitions for different rights and unlimited publicity of new and old users, and rectified 5 problems in 219 stores.

In response to the problem of complex packages, difficult for users to choose, China Telecom said that it continued to clean up inefficient sales products and significantly reduced the number of public packages on sale, which had decreased by 60% as of December 31, 2019 compared with the end of 2018.

In response to the problem of telephone harassment, we will further strengthen the nationwide prevention and control system, interview and supervise the units with no obvious or rebounding continuous effect, continue to do a good job in voice relay and call center business management and control, timely shut down the illegal code number, trunk line, etc., and complete the construction and promotion pilot of the no call platform, so as to provide customized services for customers to intercept the telephone harassment.

In response to the problem of spam SMS, we continued to strengthen the centralized port approval and reporting, strictly implemented the immediate closure of violations, implemented the nationwide blacklist sharing, and optimized the keyword interception by day. According to telecom, the group intercepts more than 100 million spam messages every month.

China Unicomu2014u2014

China Unicom stressed that it will actively solve the problems of a large number of packages, incomprehension and difficulty in selection, timely off shelf products that do not meet the market demand, and has simplified more than 400 packages, and at the same time, it will simply and comprehensively publicize the complete contents of the packages on sale, optimize the package rules, so that users can spend money clearly.

In response to the problems of many complaints of harassment calls and uninformed customized complaints, China Unicom focused on interviewing the provincial branch companies in question, establishing a notification mechanism, strengthening the real name authentication of access to the network, shutting down 262000 illegal numbers and 107 voice special lines.

In addition, China Unicom has accelerated the improvement of technical support means, developed data monitoring models such as abnormal numbers and high-risk base stations, launched the Unicom call manager service at the same time, and improved the call rejection function.

China Unicom has suspended the code number distribution of 19 virtual operators in response to the problem of too many harassment calls from virtual operators.

China Unicom said that since October, the daily average number of complaints of harassment calls has decreased by 33% compared with that before the inspection.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Han Yibing, nt3945