All three operators have run away! Chairman of China Unicom exposes the truth

 All three operators have run away! Chairman of China Unicom exposes the truth

Of course, China Unicom is not the only one that has lost users. In February, the number of mobile phone users lost reached 7.254 million, while the number of telecom users lost was 5.6 million. The total number of mobile, telecom and Unicom users lost was 45.55 million, and the scale was more than 5 million.

Why do the three operators lose users collectively? Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, said at the 2019 performance conference today that the reason for the loss of customers of all operators was either dual card users.

According to c114 report, in view of the loss of customers of all operators, Wang Xiaochu thought that the loss was from dual card users. Some users affected by the epidemic may give up one of the phone cards in a short time, so the number of customers will be reduced.

The company originally expected things to get better in February, but it was hit by an outbreak, and its business is expected to return to normal in March. Wang said.

However, he pointed out that the epidemic did not affect the use of traffic, because users can not live or work without mobile phones, so part of the work flow turned to consumption and entertainment, but because the work contact was greatly reduced, part of the voice was greatly affected.

In addition, Wang Xiaochu stressed that the company will not use the number transfer network as a means of competition, but strive to improve the service level and network quality.

Source: it home editor: Han Yibing, nt3945