Foxconn: enough workers are ready for mass production of iPhone 12 / Pro / Max

 Foxconn: enough workers are ready for mass production of iPhone 12 / Pro / Max

March 24 Foxconn, the iPhone assembly agent, has hired enough workers to meet seasonal demand, according to a new report from Nikkei news. This seems to mean that Foxconn has recovered from the impact of the new coronavirus shutdown and is ready to increase production of the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones.

The report states:

Novel coronavirus, Foxconn Taiwan, apple iPhones top assembler, said it has ensured enough workers to meet the seasonal demand of all the major factories in China, and stressed that the new coronavirus has been restored to stability after the shortage of labor caused by the mainland. The company said in a statement on Sunday night that it had met its recruitment targets.

It house learned from the report that iPhone 12 production is expected to peak in July before the autumn launch. The report also noted that Foxconns production in February and March was about half that level, so there is a long way to go before full production can resume.

This is in line with last weeks Bloomberg report, which showed that despite the delay caused by covid-19, the iPhone 12 is still scheduled to be released this fall. However, this may change as the situation develops. Apple, for example, has iPhone suppliers around the world, including in countries and regions where the coronavirus outbreak is still shutting down.

Last weeks news said:

For example, Malaysias main apple supplier has been out of production for two weeks due to covid-19. Apple suppliers and teams in other countries and regions, including South Korea, the UK, the US, Italy and Germany, were also affected.

In the United States, apple relies on Broadcom to produce wireless chips, but the CEO of Broadcom, hocktan, has said that covid-19 will have an impact on our semiconductor business, especially in the second half of this fiscal year.

In the end, Foxconn appears to be ready for mass production of the upcoming iPhone 12, but things are changing as other suppliers are affected by covid-19. Foxconn even said its factorys return to work productivity was beyond plan..

Source: it home editor: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279