Du runwang: at the beginning, he made sure to cast 300 three points every day to lose weight

 Du runwang: at the beginning, he made sure to cast 300 three points every day to lose weight

This season is Du runwangs second season in the CBA League on behalf of Guangdong Dongguan bank. In the first 30 games of the regular season, Du runwang can get 6.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in 18 minutes. In the 20th round of the regular season against Guangzhou, China, the three-point goal, 8-for-5, reached a season high of 21 points.

As a 21-year-old star player who has only played in CBA League for two seasons, Du runwangs performance on the court has won wide recognition from the fans, but in fact, it can be expected in the future. During the outbreak, CBA Jun also remotely connected with Du runwang and interviewed him about his league performance and basketball career. Now lets get to know with the Q & A with CBA Jun. Du runwangs perception and evaluation of his league performance, and what special reasons he began to contact basketball.

Strive to improve ourselves and contribute more to the team

How hard is it to keep a three-point shooting rate of about 40% in the professional arena? What did Du runwang pay behind the high hit rate? Who helped him? In the face of our answers to the questions about performance on the field, from Du runwangs simple and simple words, we can see his modest efforts, high requirements for himself, as well as the teams head coach Du Fengs outspoken thanks.

CBA Jun: This is your second CBA League season. How do you improve compared with the previous season? How does it feel different?

Du runwang: compared with last season, there are still some changes in mentality. Because last season, I won the league championship as soon as I came up. There is a relatively high starting point, so this season is more stressful. I want to do my best for the team. This season in the two-point ball, under the basket empty cut this aspect will be better than last season, the defense words are also efforts to do Du guidance requirements, efforts to improve themselves, to make more contributions to the team.

CBA Jun: in this seasons game against Guangzhou, China, you got a season high 21 points, of which 3-pointer 8-shot 5, hit rate is very high, how did you feel at that time? Do you have any specific training methods for the three-point goal?

Du runwang: compared with last season, Im not so satisfied with my three-point shooting. Although I always keep a shooting rate of about 40%, the ups and downs are relatively large. In the first few games of this season, I didnt shoot very well, but the teams foreign aid and Du coach believed me more, encouraged me to shoot boldly when there was a vacancy, which encouraged me psychologically. Later, I also played a better role in shooting. In terms of three-point training, I will make sure to score at least 300 three points every day, and complete some three-point shooting training in the mobile room according to Dus requirements with quality and quantity guaranteed.

CBA Jun: are you a person who can set goals for yourself and discipline yourself? Will you give yourself more practice during the break?

Du runwang: director Du will let us young people go to the gym ahead of time to train and help us to practice something we lack. Including during the epidemic, Du also communicated with the foreign teachers to teach me more skills of holding the ball, attacking and controlling the ball. I will also give myself extra practice during the rest time. I will take one day off a week, and I will give myself some extra practice on that day.

CBA Jun: whats the team atmosphere of Guangdong Dongguan bank? Who has the biggest influence on you?

Du runwang: the atmosphere in our team is very good. The big brothers often tell us some problems of young players on and off the field. They will patiently give us guidance and teach us what to do. The biggest help and influence to me should be Du Zhiming! Since I was a rookie in the first grade last season, I can get more than ten minutes of playing time per game. I think Im very grateful for the opportunities that Du gave me, so believe me. Its hard for a team or a new player to have as much time as I do. Lets have so many opportunities to play. Personally, Im very grateful to Du for his guidance. Coach Du is also a very responsible coach. He will think a lot for us, point out what we lack and tell us how to improve.

I dont have a choice. I walk all the way to the dark.

Now its hard to imagine that Du runwang, who is emerging in the competition, is on the basketball road for such a special reason. On his way of growing up, like us, he has some stories that are not easy to talk about, but only then can he know how difficult it is.

CBA Jun: what was the initial reason for contact with basketball? Why embark on the career path?

Du runwang: I first came into contact with basketball because of losing weight. When I was eight or nine years old, I was too fat. My mother wanted me to lose weight. My mother also played basketball, so she asked me to practice basketball with her coach. My first coach and my mothers coach are the same person. Later, I played professional because my height was much higher than that of my peers, and I was very active, so I prefer to train with the basketball coach, and then I fell in love with basketball slowly, and I have come all the way to the present.

CBA Jun: on the road of professional basketball, what is the most difficult choice you have faced? What is the biggest cost?

Du runwang: it seems that there is no hard choice for me. Its not Xiaoxu (Xu Jie). He has to choose whether to go to Tsinghua University or Peking University. I dont have a choice. One way to the dark is basketball.

As for paying the biggest price, it cant be said to be the price. It means childhood shadow. When I was a child, I used to do morning exercises in winter and run in the track and field field. Every morning, the coach drove to the dormitory downstairs to pick me up for training. As long as the coach stopped and locked the door and made a Di sound, I would wake up no matter how well I slept. It was just a wake-up call. I was scared. It was the first winter training since the experience of professional team training. I was really tired. I began to panic when I heard the sound of the car.

CBA Jun: in your growth path, what is your biggest regret? What makes you most proud of yourself?

Du runwang: whats most regrettable is that he participated in the Asian Youth Championships on behalf of Guoqing in 2016 and scored the worst result in history. Because the national youth training before the match was also very hard, and everyone worked very hard, but no one expected to achieve such a result, or even get the ticket to the World Youth Championships, so they were particularly upset, especially self reproached, and very sorry. Even now, the picture after losing at that time is still vivid in my mind.

I am most proud to have won the CBA League Championship and the National Games championship.

Humorous food off the court

The blooming on the court is obvious to all, and its hard to say whats happening off the court. It turns out that Du runwang, who is humorous and lovely in the eyes of fans, also has a perceptual side - thinking about the food his parents cooked and homesickness. The other happy moments with teammates in the team are also the source of happiness beyond Du runwangs training and game life.

CBA Jun: I heard that you dreamed of eating barbecue in your lunch break some time ago? Do you love eating in your life? Lets talk about your special attributes besides basketball!

Du runwang: I am usually more humorous, more developed than funny cells. And then encounter delicious will have a little bit, just a little greedy, so it is also a little bit of food attributes?

CBA Jun: what do you like best?

Du runwang: my favorite meal is the one made by my parents. I seldom go home when I play basketball. Im also homesick.

CBA Jun: how many times a year can you go home? How long is the longest stay at home?

Du runwang: at most once or twice a year. After entering the league, he stayed at home for up to a week. After the end of last season, I went back to spend a week with my parents, and then I went with the team to prepare for the new season.

Picture from Du runwang Weibo

CBA Jun: last year, you prepared a surprise for Hu Mingxuans birthday, and a video burst out. This year, there is no video of Hu Mingxuans birthday. Everyone is curious about how you spent your birthday?

Du runwang: this year, I didnt show up at the birthday of Xiao Hu because of some minor injuries, but its said that I didnt smash the cake. Its a birthday with no surprise, no surprise. Hahaha, Im very sorry. Every time someone in the team is having a birthday, Im still looking forward to it, because usually everyones life is more regular, and birthday cake smashing is one of the sources of happiness in ordinary life.

CBA Jun: How did you spend your birthday in the team? Do you think Du will play with you during the birthday cake smashing?

Du runwang: my birthday was so horrible. They were so cruel to me that they didnt even dare to release the video. You can imagine it. Du guides us to smash the cake every time. When you watch the video, you dont find that he appears every time? And he looks very happy.

At the end of the interview, we also asked Du runwang this question: if we could say something to ourselves in ten years, what would you say? Du runwang said: I hope I can always have a heart of gratitude and go on the basketball road.

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Ma bile, ns4800