The audience was moved by the happy ending of porcelain bowl couple

 The audience was moved by the happy ending of porcelain bowl couple

Since its broadcast, roller coaster love of porcelain bowl couple, heart abusing love of porcelain bowl couple and century frame of original sisters have been hot topics among netizens. Last night, the porcelain bowl couple welcomed the finale, and netizens left messages on the screen: its not easy for the porcelain bowl couple, the finale is too happy, he finale!! Happy , the third generation, the fourth generation, all together later . The screen full of blessings not only expresses the audiences love for the ending, but also confirms the super popularity of the two generations.

The porcelain bowl couples tortuous love is finally complete, and the high-energy plot continues to trigger a wide range of real fragrance

Two joys tells us the warm and sweet love story of the porcelain bowl couple. After more than a months hot broadcast, it finally ends successfully. With the help of the concept of two generations and through the forgetting and memory of the protagonists and heroines, the drama side has constructed a romantic world of two generations. The drama is full of layers and rich in content, which brings new focuses to the audience every week. From the porcelain bowl couple to two generations of love, through many tests, to the porcelain bowl couple to solve the misunderstanding, hand in hand for a lifetime, tell you a touching love story.

Innovative marketing means, clear publicity positioning, small and beautiful ancient clothing achievements

After the launch of two joys of the world, a series of dramas in the beginning of spring brought a bright light to the audience: within 24 hours of the first day of broadcasting, iqiyis heat value exceeded 8000 +. Since the broadcast, the blockbuster iqiyi hit list has been one month, ranking the first in cats eye, Guduo, Devon, vlinkage and other industries in a row. 36 episodes are small and exquisite in duration, high-energy inversion of compact plot, highly Chinese style visual effect, full of ancient scenery, clothing, props, known as the model of small and beautiful episode, and won unanimous praise inside and outside the industry.

In order to transmit the characteristics of small and beautiful and sweet flowering drama to the audience accurately and timely, and the weekly focus, the publicity positioning and strategy of the drama are very clear. Before the start of broadcasting, a series of small activities are held through the official micro blog to continuously mobilize the enthusiasm of fans; during the intensive publicity period, the enthusiasm of the audience to pursue the drama is fully mobilized through rich and colorful materials; at the same time, the drama side flexibly adjusts the publicity strategy, strengthens the online activities, plans and launches the miracle airborne cloud live broadcast conference and cloud variety show, and invites the main creators of the airborne small theater and fans to pursue the drama in real time, Find everything fresh and new in the series of activities such as jitter and B tiktok. It not only ignites the fans enthusiasm for pursuing the drama, but also wins the positive evaluation from the mainstream authoritative media such as peoples daily, Xinhuanet, and so on. It is considered by the public opinion to be a positive energy work that demonstrates the love and mission of youth and can bring enlightenment to the audience.

Two joys is adapted from the novel of the same name Ji Yue Jiao. It is produced by iqiyi and shot by iqiyi craftsman studio. The warm spring has arrived, and the sweetness will not go away! Iqiyi VIP members have come to an end, and non members will see the final result this weekend. Thank the porcelain bowl couple for accompanying us through more than a month of sweet time, and look forward to the creative team of two joys to bring us new works with a better view.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322