Irwin donated $323000 and 250000 food to New York

 Irwin donated $323000 and 250000 food to New York

Recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been increasing in NBA, many teams have detected infected players, and NBAs hopes for the recovery season seem quite grim. In such a situation, some teams are in time to help those who may be affected by the epidemic.

As we all know, due to the severe situation of the global epidemic, many peoples lives are affected. Due to the need for isolation and prevention, daily production and life work cannot be carried out normally.

In addition to donating money and food, Irwin also thanked the workers who fought in the front line of the anti epidemic. Irwin said: thank everyone in the front line for your efforts to make us all safe, healthy and have food. As long as we work together, we can make a small move to change the world at once.

Source: Netease sports Author: Hanshan editor in charge: Qiao yuanlei ufe50 ns1098