A total of 19856 newly confirmed cases of new coronavirus in France

 A total of 19856 newly confirmed cases of new coronavirus in France

967 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in the United Kingdom, 6650 cases were confirmed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 6650 cases at 9 p.m. local time on March 23rd, and 967 Cases were added on a single day. As of 1 p.m., 335 cases of death and 54 cases were added on a single day. The new 54 deaths range in age from 47 to 103, with 46 from England, four from Scotland and four from Wales.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed to 41511 deaths in 499 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed at the 23 time at 14:30 Eastern time (2:30 2:30 Beijing time) at 23 Johns Hopkins University in the United States, and the new confirmed case of pneumonia in the United States rose to 41511 cases and 499 cases died. The data showed that the diagnosis of the new crown pneumonia was 41511 cases in the United States.

[Italy confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 4789 cases, new death 601 cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 4789 cases in Italy on 23 new time, 601 new deaths, 63927 cases of cumulative confirmed cases and 6077 deaths, according to BNO news.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Canada has nearly doubled in Quebec, and more than 2000 cases in Canada.

The government of Quebec, Canada, announced at a news conference on the new crown epidemic at noon on the 23rd local time that the number of confirmed cases and suspected cases in the province was 219 and 409, totaling 628, nearly double the total of 259 in the afternoon of the 22nd.

The total number of confirmed and initial cases of new coronavirus infection in Canada has reached 2007, with 24 deaths.

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