[war epidemic theory] forging Chinese spirit in the fight of epidemic prevention and control

 [war epidemic theory] forging Chinese spirit in the fight of epidemic prevention and control

The spirit of one mind and one mind. History has proved that when we encounter serious natural disasters and infectious diseases, unity and solidarity become a powerful spiritual weapon for us to overcome difficulties and overcome them. The Chinese nation has been enduring hardships, relying on the spirit of unity and solidarity, and on the strong national cohesion and centripetal force of hundreds of millions of people. In the struggle against epidemic situation, the whole party, the whole army and the people of all ethnic groups are closely united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. The whole country is united in one mind, keeping the thought and action highly consistent with the decision making and deployment of the Central Committee of the party. Hubei and Wuhan are the top priority of epidemic prevention and control, and the decisive place to win the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control. If Wuhan wins, Hubei wins. If Hubei wins, the whole country wins. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has made unified arrangements and mobilized urgently. More than 340 medical teams, more than 42000 medical personnel and a large number of medical and living materials have been dispatched from all parts of the country and the military to rush to Wuhan and Hubei; 19 provinces and cities have been mobilized to rush to 16 cities in Hubei except Wuhan; the national finance and local governments have invested hundreds of billions of funds in the affected areas in a short period of time. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not allowed to be held by all Party members, leading cadres, medical personnel, police, community workers and journalists. They are hardworking and sincere devotion, volunteers, transportation workers, etc., and all Chinese people from all walks of life, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and so on. The surmounted walls and iron walls, gathering a strong force to fight the epidemic, show a vivid picture of building our flesh and blood into a new Great Wall.

The spirit of firm confidence and overcoming difficulties. There is a kind of fall called stand up, there is a choice called firm, there is a smile called self-confidence. Confidence and courage are the source of our strength in overcoming difficulties. In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, we must maintain a good mental state in the major epidemic situation, especially in the face of the challenges and challenges of the epidemic. We must remain calm and calm, not shrink back, not panic or pessimism, but also fight the spirit of the devil and fight the devil in the final. At the same time, in the face of the epidemic, we have to face the difficulties and overcome them. In the struggle of epidemic prevention and control, scientific research is a major and urgent task. The party and the government adhere to scientific prevention and control and precise implementation of policies. In order to better maintain peoples life safety and health, the party and the government organize interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research teams, coordinate production, education, research and use, focus on joint efforts to carry out emergency scientific research, adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, and accelerate the use of medical equipment Drug R & D and effective treatment drug screening, collaborative promotion of drug screening and development, optimization of diagnosis and treatment scheme; collaborative promotion of research and application of rapid detection reagents, continuous improvement of detection accuracy and screening efficiency; organization of smart forces to promote the research of virus traceability, transmission channels and pathogenesis; integration of life science, biotechnology, medicine and health, medical equipment and other fields The national key scientific research system, focusing on the advantages and promoting the scientific and technological breakthrough in the field of biosafety, provides a strong scientific research support for the final victory over the epidemic.

The spirit of indomitable struggle and responsibility. The more difficult it is, the more forward it is, and never bow to any difficulties. This is the most precious spiritual quality of the Chinese people. When disaster comes, we cant avoid it; when disease comes, we have no way out. The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is destined to be a war of no smoking and a confrontation. Special war epidemics need brave soldiers. In front of the epidemic situation, we should not only face it calmly and bravely, but also work hard and take responsibility for it, so as to maintain the morale of fighting against the epidemic situation. In the fight against the epidemic, party leaders at all levels, medical and medical personnel and the peoples army have the courage to take responsibility and stand firmly on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. They are the most beautiful reversers in the field of epidemic prevention and control. They have built up the great wall of steel to fight against the epidemic, leaving the devil of the epidemic nowhere to hide, The formation of a vast ocean to annihilate the devil of epidemic situation fully embodies the spirit of tenacious struggle and responsibility, and provides a strong spiritual support for the overall battle of the peoples war to win the prevention and control of epidemic situation.

The spirit of helping each other and caring for each other. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been outbreaks since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. From the city to the countryside, people from the medical staff, scientific research experts to all walks of life have been helping each other, and have been working hand in hand to fight the epidemic. Epidemic prevention and control is a national war epidemic. There is no onlooker or outsider. Everyone is a participant and fighter. It needs the concerted efforts of the whole nation to fight the epidemic.

Great practice breeds great spirit, which promotes great practice and inspires us to win great victory. The fight for epidemic prevention and control continues, and it will take time for a decisive battle to be won. We must forge the great Chinese spirit in the fight against the epidemic, gather the powerful force of all peoples hearts, unremittingly grasp the prevention and control work, and never let the hard won epidemic prevention and control continue to turn the good situation. We firmly believe that only by adhering to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country are united, supported by the great Chinese spirit, and converging into a powerful force to fight against the epidemic, will we win the victory of the war epidemic.