In South Korea, more than 1000 patients died in isolation at home

 In South Korea, more than 1000 patients died in isolation at home

In response, the disaster headquarters of Daegu city decided to open a 24-hour hotline, arrange special doctors to track and manage the patients who have not been admitted to the hospital, and ensure the supply of necessary drugs. In novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and ventilation meeting in Daegu, Quan Yongzhen, mayor of Daegu, said: we will conduct health checks for patients waiting for hospitalization, and quickly treat patients whose symptoms may worsen.

On February 28, a woman in her 60s who was isolated at home after being tested in Daegu died. The patient was taken to the emergency center of Catholic hospital in Daegu for sudden dyspnea, but died. The day before yesterday (February 27), a 70 year old male patient who returned home after being tested at Daegu medical center was rushed to Lingnan University Medical Center for treatment due to sudden dyspnea and died.

123 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in South Korea were confirmed in 4335 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the 2 most recent report of the Korean Central Committee for epidemic prevention, which was announced on the 4 th, when the Korean confirmed the 123 cases of new crown pneumonia at 0 oclock on the same day, and 4335 cases were confirmed.

Affected by the epidemic, South Koreas national kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will be postponed for another two weeks, from March 9 to March 23.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital was designated as a new designated hospital in February 28th in Gyeongbuk, Pohang, China, according to the report of the central daily in March 1st. Recently, however, 16 nurses have resigned from the hospital.