Female students suicide due to suspected inability to take online classes Henan: providing terminals for students with difficulties

 Female students suicide due to suspected inability to take online classes Henan: providing terminals for students with difficulties

According to media reports, Lis family lives in Shangying street, Zhangcun Town, Dengzhou City, Henan Province. There are three brothers and sisters in Lis family. She is the second child in the family. Recently, due to the impact of the epidemic, all three children in the family need to have online classes at home, but Li family is unable to bear the cost of three smartphones, and three children can only share one mobile online class, which leads to Lis inability to keep up with the normal progress of online classes in school in time.

On February 29, Li Yimin swallowed a large number of drugs for her mothers treatment of mental illness, which resulted in her dying life. When the family found out, they immediately called 120 for help. Then the ambulance arrived and sent the girl to Dengzhou Central Hospital for treatment.

Henan requires to provide temporary learning terminals for students with difficulties

On March 2, Henan Provincial Department of Education issued the notice on further improving online teaching in primary and secondary schools (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

According to the notice, the teaching organization of each school and the online learning of each student shall be comprehensively arranged, and the use of teaching platform, unimpeded learning channels and hardware conditions of online learning at home shall be accurately mastered, so as to ensure that no one is missing and no one is missing. It is necessary to establish the list of online teaching platforms, broadband (TV) network access list of students families, online learning terminals (including TV) list of students, and the list of students who do not have the conditions for online learning, so as to fully grasp the basic conditions for students to carry out online (TV) learning.

For students who do not have the network conditions and who do not have smart phones and television families, we should establish a precise assistance mechanism, such as organizing these students to watch TV learning programs in the village committee or Party members activity room under the condition of ensuring safety.

Coordinate poverty alleviation, civil affairs, disabled persons Federation and other departments, mobilize poverty alleviation cadres in villages, Party members and teachers to carry out one-to-one assistance, and provide temporary learning terminals for special groups such as students with family difficulties. At the same time, we will coordinate basic telecom operation enterprises such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, and give care to students with family difficulties, especially those with poor families who set up files and set up cards, to reduce and remit mobile traffic expenses.