Beijing Public Security Bureau: investigating whether Huangs incident constitutes a crime

 Beijing Public Security Bureau: investigating whether Huangs incident constitutes a crime

Pan Xuhong said that the public security checkpoints in Beijing had inspected 2.705 million vehicles and 4.473 million people in total.

The inspection and control of the access to Beijing is the first line of defense for the input of external defense, which is not allowed to be paralyzed at all, and deeply blames itself for the loopholes in the work. Pan Xuhong said that Beijing Public Security Bureau will learn from the experience and draw lessons from others, block loopholes, strengthen rectification, and implement measures with the highest standards, strictest requirements and best conditions.

Pan Xuhong said that he would check every car and double check people and vehicles, and resolutely prevent high-risk personnel from entering Beijing.

Pan Xuhong said that the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing is still complex, and must be strictly guarded and controlled. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will adhere to the standard of no risk, no loss, no loss, and coordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and maintain stability, especially for all kinds of crimes related to epidemic, and resolutely crack down on them in accordance with the law.

Pan Xuhong said that at present, the Dongcheng Public Security Bureau is carrying out an investigation on whether Huangs incident involves crimes.

Huang has transferred to Ditan hospital for further treatment of 3 patients with DNA negative

In the afternoon of March 2, Zhao Lingyun, deputy head of Dongcheng District, informed the Beijing municipal government press conference about the process of Huangs entering xinyijiayuan community. It was Huangs car to enter xinyijiayuans garage and take the elevator directly to go home. At present, three close contacts were negative in nucleic acid test.

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