Aung Tu, Deputy Minister of Commerce of Myanmar, believes that Chinas economy can overcome the impact of the epidemic

 Aung Tu, Deputy Minister of Commerce of Myanmar, believes that Chinas economy can overcome the impact of the epidemic

International online report (reporter Gao Jiayi): on March 1, the handover ceremony of Burmese government donating 200 tons of rice to Wuhan, Hubei Province was held in Yangon. China novel coronavirus pneumonia is sincerely condoled to Antu, Vice Minister of Commerce of Burma. He highly praised the positive results of Chinas epidemic prevention and control. Antu said he believes the Chinese economy can overcome the impact of the epidemic.

Antu said that there is a relative shortage of medical materials in Myanmar. This time, the Myanmar government donated rice to the Chinese side, which aims to reflect the friendship of the Burmese people towards China, and practice the concept of a community of shared future between China and Myanmar advocated by the leaders of the two countries. Rice is also of special significance in Myanmar culture: we donated rice to China this time. Rice is the most important crop in Myanmar, which can not only resist It is hungry and full of vitality. Maybe rice is heavy and inconvenient for transportation. Maybe rice is not the most needed food for the people of Wuhan at present. But rice represents the source of life in Myanmar. We hope rice can bring vitality to Wuhan.

Myanmar government donates 200 tons of rice to Wuhan, China

Chinese Chinas very fruitful measures in Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control measures are: we believe that the Chinese government and the Chinese people will eventually win the battle against the new crown pneumonia, because I know that the Chinese nation is a resilient nation, said the Aung TSE.

In recent days, while strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Chinese government has also actively promoted the orderly resumption of work and production, while the border trade between China and Myanmar is also growing. At present, the daily average number of entry-exit personnel and vehicles at Ruili port in Yunnan Province is 25000 and 7000 respectively, about 60% of the normal peak before the outbreak, and this data is still on the rise. OnChina said China China China novel coronavirus pneumonia is a tough economy that will overcome the epidemic impact: the Chinese economy is strong and resilient. This new crown pneumonia epidemic is a test for the Chinese economy. I am confident that the Chinese economy will overcome the epidemic.

Officials from Myanmars Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of foreign affairs and staff of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar cheer for Wuhan