The dead body of northeast tiger pneumonia 15 people in the freezer of the present smoke Hotel are prosecuted

 The dead body of northeast tiger pneumonia 15 people in the freezer of the present smoke Hotel are prosecuted

Dead animals in zoos become wild animals that sell at high prices

Dais second identity is as a wild animal dealer, who provides rich bosses and good taste people with some wild goods that are not available in the market. With Dais arrest, accomplices tied to the underground interest chain have also been arrested.

According to Dai, some of the wild animals, such as owls, are bought from poachers and sold at a higher price due to his accumulated contacts over the years. Tiger head, tiger meat, bear paw, etc. are all the dead animals purchased by the zoo.

In 2016, a female Siberian tiger died of lobar pneumonia in a zoo in Zhejiang Province. According to the national standard, such animals should be harmlessly treated by burning or transferred to research institutions for making specimens. But it was then domesticated breeding manager Li Mou, quietly into the freezer.

Li said that the price of such tigers and zoos is between 35000 and 60000 yuan. But because the tiger symbolizes power and majesty in Chinese traditional culture, and the state has strict control over such animal products, as long as the tiger products enter the market, the price of the dead tiger may be higher than the living one, and the price of a complete tiger tooth may even be as high as 10000 yuan, and the price of a jin of tiger meat may be hundreds or even thousands of yuan.

Of course, Li also knows that it is illegal to deal with and sell tigers without permission. Therefore, its not a very iron relationship. He never mentions the tiger in the freezer until his friend Hu brings Jin Huas Dai to his door.

Hu runs several zoos by himself, while Li has always wanted to contract the business of childrens Park and animal performance in Hus zoo, believing that the business will make no loss. In order to get closer to Hu, Li allowed Hu to take away more than ten jin of tigers head and meat.

Later, in order to thank Li, Hu offered five cranes worth about 10000 yuan in exchange.

However, the bears paw source in a freezer is more bizarre.

At that time, Jiang, the accomplice of the crime, went to a zoo in Anhui Province to visit Houshan mountain, where he happened to meet a black bear who died in the landfill. Jiang proposed to buy bear paws. In order to make a profit, the animal keeper not only cut off the limbs of the dead black bear, but also cut off the limbs of the frozen little black bear and sold them to Jiang.

Jiang sold 14 bear paws to Dai. The bodies of these rare and endangered animals flowed to the dining table at a high price.

Illegal and major hidden dangers with a total value of more than 700000 yuan

The flow of these wild animals to the dining table is not only an illegal act, but also a major hidden danger to public health and safety. The post prosecutor in charge of the case pointed out.

After examination, it is found that since 2016, during his game business in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, Dai has illegally purchased 17 national second-class protected owls caught in the wild from local Lingmou, and illegally purchased the first-class protected animals, such as the dead body and meat of Amur tiger, and the second-class protected animals, artificially bred in animal parks in Anji, Anhui, Bengbu, etc The dead paw of animal black bear was illegally purchased from Kaihua, Quzhou, the head of national second-class protected animal, and sold to others for food, with a total value of more than 700000 yuan.

Among the people involved in the case, in addition to the black market operators like Dai, there are also the most upstream poachers and the most downstream people who buy food, as well as middlemen who earn the difference.

In order to continuously strengthen the high-pressure situation of strict punishment for crimes of destroying wildlife resources, the procuratorate of Wucheng District actively guided the public security organs to investigate and collect evidence and cooperated with them from the early intervention stage.

During the period of examination and prosecution, the procuratorate of Wucheng District applied the procedure of pleading guilty to crime and punishment according to law and put forward relevant sentencing suggestions. Among them, five defendants, including Dai and Shi, are particularly serious. According to the criminal law and relevant judicial interpretation, they will face more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment and will also be fined or sentenced to confiscation of property.

In addition, in view of the problems reflected in the supervision process of domestication, breeding, operation and utilization of wild animals in the zoo and other places reflected in this case, the procuratorate of Wucheng District will carry out special supervision activities in conjunction with the local procuratorial organ to plug the loopholes in time and effectively maintain social and public security.

And the procuratorial organ has started the pre litigation announcement procedure for this case on February 10. At the expiration of the announcement period, in the absence of public interest litigation filed by relevant organs or organizations, the procuratorial organ will require Dai and others to bear the civil liability for infringement of wildlife natural resources according to law.

92000 wild animals were seized in 948 criminal cases of wild animals investigated and handled nationwide

Novel coronavirus news was informed from the Ministry of public security in March 2nd that in order to make every effort to prevent and control the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, the public security organs at all levels strictly cracked down on the illegal and criminal activities that destroy animal resources according to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of public security. Up to now, the national public security organs have investigated 948 criminal cases involving wildlife, 2147 administrative cases, seized 92000 wild animals and more than 5300 kg of wildlife products.

Highest level inspection: continue to increase the handling of public interest litigation cases of wildlife protection

Novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in Beijing on February 28, Xinhua. Many experts and scholars made recommendations. They hoped that the procuratorial organs would increase the handling of animal protection cases, give full play to the procuratorial function of public interest litigation, release relevant typical cases in time, strengthen the prevention and control of sources, and pool social knowledge, and promote the ability of national governance in biosafety.