The general secretary came to our house: like pomegranate seeds, our family is happy

 The general secretary came to our house: like pomegranate seeds, our family is happy

On the afternoon of July 15, 2019, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the inspection in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, came to Ma On Shan village and entered the multi-ethnic family, the villager Zhang Guoli family, who went to the four generations of the same family. They went into the kitchen, looked at the toilet, asked for income, and learned about one familys life. They sat on the bench with the representatives of the grassroots cadres and masses in Chifeng, exchanging their production life with them, and getting rich from poverty. And national unity.

Now, what is the situation of Zhang Guolis family, what are the new changes, and what are the new wishes and plans for the new year? The whole family came in detail.

This is the view of Maanshan village, Henan Street, khalaqin banner, Chifeng City. Photo by Liu Lei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

The general secretary is like our family

Sitting on the edge of the Kang, Hou Guizhen, 86, Zhang Guolis mother, recalled the happy moment: at the door, the general secretary took my hand, entered the inner room and released it. His hands were thick and warm. The general secretary asked me with a smile how old I was, how old I didnt go to the medical insurance, how many sons and grandchildren in my family ate, which was very kind.

The general secretary looked at the kitchen, boiler and living room in our house that day, and opened the pot cover and refrigerator to have a close look. At that time, I wanted to invite the general secretary to have a taste of our craft! Zhao Guoxia, Zhang Guolis wife, led the reporter into the kitchen. The general secretary and our common people are close to each other. They not only care about our familys income, whether we participate in the new rural cooperative medical system, and the proportion of reimbursement, but also about how much coal the boiler burns, how much it costs, and how hot the home is in winter.

The general secretary said that in the 70 years since the founding of the peoples Republic of China, peoples lives have been flourishing. Hou Guizhen, an old man who has experienced the new and old society, has a deep understanding of this. Now you can eat, wear and use without worry. You can see a doctor and reimburse me, and you can give me an old age allowance every month. Thanks to the general secretary and the Communist Party!

Zhang Guoli and his wife planted 4 mu of mountain grapes and 3 mu of miscellaneous grains. With the land loss insurance and the income from working, the annual income could reach 50000 yuan. The two sons also earn a lot from working outside.

Maanshan village is famous for its general secretary. Before the general secretary came, there were 30000 tourists a year in the village, and each of the 12 households earned 110000 yuan every year. In recent months, 110000 people have come to visit, and four new farmhouses have been built in the village, each making 150000 yuan. There will be more villagers who want to get involved right now. Liu Shaoxiang, Secretary of the general Party branch of the village, said.

Good policy brings good environment

The renovation of toilets cost 3500 yuan, and the government subsidized 3000 yuan. This kind of toilet is degraded by microorganism, no water, no peculiar smell, clean and practical.

Zhang Guolis family uses a microbial degradation toilet. On that day, the general secretary patiently listened to us introduce the use of this kind of toilet, pointing out that we should continue to improve rural public infrastructure, improve rural living environment, focus on waste water treatment, toilet revolution, village appearance improvement, and build a more beautiful countryside.

Zhang Guoli said: it cost 3500 yuan to renovate toilets and 3000 yuan was subsidized by the government. This kind of toilet is degraded by microorganism, no water, no peculiar smell, clean and practical.

On that day, Zhao Huijie, Secretary of the general Party branch of xiaomiaozi village, Damiao Town, Songshan District, Chifeng City, who took part in the forum in Zhang Guolis yard, showed the general secretary several photos with his mobile phone: clean and bright farmyard, garbage sorting bins at each door, machinery and equipment of the new garbage sorting and treatment center in the village

The general secretary asked our village how to classify the garbage, how much garbage is produced in a year, and whether the garbage treatment can meet the demand. It can be seen that he is very concerned about the rural living environment. Now every household in our village is equipped with a garbage sorting box. The daily output of the whole village is two tons of garbage, and the residue after treatment is less than 100 kg. The village is clean, and everyone is more consciously involved in the construction of a beautiful countryside. Zhao Huijie said.

Gao Xihua, Secretary of the kraqin banner Committee, told reporters that in accordance with the important instructions of the general secretary, four township streets, 16 administrative villages, and one farm and ranch in the whole banner will promote the renovation and demonstration of rural human settlements, with the focus on the toilet revolution and rural domestic waste treatment.

Taking the toilet revolution as an example, we adhere to the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions and effect orientation, explore different models in different regions, so that people can see mountains, water and nostalgia in rural areas. About Gao Xihua. Now, the number of households changing toilets in Maanshan village has increased from 8 in mid July 2019 to 53, and more than 2490 households have been promoted in the whole banner.

Like pomegranate seeds

There are three ethnic groups in our family: Mongolian, Manchu and Han. The general secretary praised our family for being harmonious and harmonious.

Not long ago, Zhang Guolis second son gave birth to a daughter. Zhang Guoli holds the picture of his granddaughter and is happy.

There are three ethnic groups in our family: Mongolian, Manchu and Han. The general secretary praised our family for being harmonious and harmonious. Zhang Guoli said.

Our brothers, parents and grandmothers are Manchu, my wife and two sons are Han, my sister-in-law and two little nieces are Mongolian. Zhang Bo, Zhang Guolis eldest son, said, the family live together, eat together, live together and love each other, just like the general secretary said, like pomegranate seeds, they are tightly held together.

Our village is also dominated by Mongolian, Manchu and Han people, who help each other and are close to each other. No matter who is in charge, we will do our best to help the nation. Liu Shaoxiang, for example, said that Liu Chunting, the leader of Mongolian prosperity, helped the villagers build houses and repair houses when he returned home. Li Yi, a Han villager, guided them to grow mountain grapes and make wine, leading them to become rich together

According to Gao Xihua, there are 24 nationalities and 350000 people in karaqin banner. In recent years, the whole banner has been striving for more than 18.4 million yuan of funds for the development of ethnic minorities. 30 projects have been implemented in 22 administrative villages with a population proportion of over 30% of ethnic minorities, and more than 10 million yuan has been arranged in ethnic townships, laying a solid foundation for the ethnic minorities to get rid of poverty and move to a well-off society as scheduled.

Leaving Zhang Guolis home, Hou Guizhen repeatedly asked: when you return to Beijing, you must say hello to the General Secretary for our family and tell him that we are living a very good and happy life!

Hong Le Feng

No matter who is in charge, we will do our best to help the nation.. This is a true portrayal of Maanshan village, Henan Street, karaqin banner, Inner Mongolia, where the Zhang Guoli family lives. It is also a vivid interpretation of the Chinese nation, one family, and one heart build the Chinese dream.

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: the people of all nationalities are closely related to each other, which is the fundamental guarantee for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Maanshan village has an inexhaustible driving force for poverty alleviation and the villagers daily life is booming, not only because of the good policies of the party and the government, but also because the people of all ethnic groups are of the same mind, morality and direction. It also enlightens us that 56 nations can go hand in hand, hold together like pomegranate seeds, cast a solid sense of community of the Chinese nation, and form a strong force that can go forward bravely and be invincible.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the Chinese nation has ushered in the best period of development in history. At the same time, in the face of complex domestic and foreign situations, we need to unite and pool our strength to ensure that Chinas development is a great success. All ethnic groups, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, work together to build a better home and create a better future.