Keep in mind that the party and the people are entrusted to fight hard in the front line of epidemic prevention and control

 Keep in mind that the party and the people are entrusted to fight hard in the front line of epidemic prevention and control

At the command of the commander, the whole army moved quickly. New years Eve retrograde Wuhan, into the anti epidemic line, Party members take the lead, the military and local overcome the difficulties. From taking over the ward of local hospital to entering Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, Wuhan Taikang Tongji Hospital and Guanggu Hospital of Hubei maternal and child health hospital, the peoples army has always been closely united with the people in the face of the epidemic, whether it is infectious disease prevention and control experts or front-line medical personnel, vowing to die and fight bravely, demonstrating the political character of the peoples childrens loyalty to the party and the people.

The epidemic remains severe and the fighting continues. The peoples army will continue to make great efforts and fight bravely, and hand over to the party and the people qualified answers to the epidemic of the armys war.

The party will fight wherever it points to

Our army is an armed group that carries out the partys political tasks. Since its birth, it has always acted and fought under the absolute leadership of the party under the banner of the party, the direction of the party and the will of the party. In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the peoples army resolutely implemented the important decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and President Xi, and carried out the absolute loyalty to the party in practical action.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, President Xi has attached great importance to the command and deployment in person, and has provided the fundamental direction for the epidemic prevention and control work. On January 25, the first day of the first lunar month, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to re study, re deploy and re mobilize the epidemic prevention and control, especially the treatment of patients. A novel coronavirus infection leading group was set up by the CMC to launch a joint prevention and control mechanism for public health emergencies, organize the whole army to carry out epidemic prevention and control effectively, and actively support local prevention and control. The front command and coordination group of the army rushed to Wuhan at the first time to coordinate closely with the local army and guide the front-line medical treatment. The Central Military Commission issued the notice on resolutely implementing President Xis important instructions, strengthening the leadership of the military party and winning the battle of prevention and control of epidemic situation, guiding and promoting all levels to consciously use the decision-making instructions of the Party Central Committee and President Xis to unify thoughts and actions, and resolutely complete the task of prevention and control of epidemic situation entrusted to the military by the party and the people.

The whole army moved up and down rapidly, became the vanguard commando of epidemic prevention and control, and the guardian of peoples life safety and health. A battle to the front line of epidemic prevention and control sounded the clarion call.

On February 17, 2020, three types of transport aircraft, including yun-20, arrived at Wuhan Tianhe Airport loaded with medical personnel and materials of Hubei Medical Team supported by the army. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been sent to 3 batches of more than 4000 medical workers in Wuhan. Fan Xianhai, reporter of PLA Daily

The epidemic situation is like fire and orders like mountain. On New Years Eve, there were 450 people from the Army Medical University, the Navy Medical University and the Air Force Medical University. They started with their backpacks. When the task is assigned and the team is selected, the phone and wechat asking for battle will be answered one by one. Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Xian Xianyang Airport set off towards the destination of Jiangcheng, Wuhan. Mao Qing, the chief expert in the fight against Ebola virus, went out to fight again. His oath of we must go was bold and sonorous, which expressed the hearts of all the staff.

On the morning of January 26, the first batch of disposable C-class protective clothing, 3760 bottles of ethanol and alcohol and other health materials from Shenyang, Liaoning and Heze, Shandong were sent to Wuhan and the front line. The joint service support force organizes the up-down linkage and multi local coordination of the transportation delivery system, and loads and transports a large number of materials and equipment simultaneously from Nanjing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Luoyang and Xinyang.

From February 3, 1400 medical staff from the military extraction group undertook the medical treatment task of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital. 15 experts from the disease prevention and control center of the PLA and the Military Medical Research Institute of the Academy of Military Sciences formed a joint expert group to guide the hospitals epidemic prevention and control work in the field.

On February 13, 11 transport planes of yun-20, Il-76 and yun-9 were airlifted synchronously in many places, 12 railways in different directions were put into operation, 1400 medical personnel arrived in Wuhan, and the related medical treatment work was carried out at the first time. On February 17, another group of 1200 medical personnel arrived in Wuhan by air and rail. So far, more than 4000 medical personnel from the army, Navy, air force, rocket force, strategic support force, joint service support force and armed police force have gathered in Wuhan to fight the epidemic prevention and control resistance war. The medical forces of many units of the whole army have been quickly assembled in place, and the rescue work has been carried out effectively, which reflects the remarkable leap of combat effectiveness after the reform and reconstruction of the army.

Venus is shining on the flag. Practice has proved once again that the partys absolute leadership over the army is an important political advantage of the party and the country, and the eternal soul of the peoples army. The more critical and difficult it is, the more officers and men in the army need to enhance their four senses, strengthen their four self-confidence and achieve two maintenance, implement the chairman responsibility system of the Military Commission, and resolutely follow the direction of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and President Xi.

Bravely shoulder heavy burdens, dare to fight hard battles and play the role of vanguard Commandos

Victory is the firm commitment of the peoples army, and charge is the permanent posture of the peoples army. No matter in the battlefield of war or in the emergency rescue, the peoples army has won one bad battle after another and overcome one difficulty after another.

Four military hospitals in Hubei Province, as an important force in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, have always adhered to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. The central theater general hospital launched the emergency response at the first time, actively applied to join the designated hospital, drew out group strength to support two local hospitals to treat severe patients, and made every effort to carry out the treatment work. At present, nearly 3000 beds have been set up in 63 designated hospitals, and more than 10000 medical personnel have been put into the first-line treatment.

The first military medical teams supporting Wuhan arrived overnight. With the cooperation of the medical staff of Jinyintan hospital, the medical staff from the Military Medical University of the army took over two wards. After more than three hours of preparation, the first batch of 20 confirmed patients were transferred to hospital smoothly. The medical staff from the Naval Medical University quickly connected with Hankou hospital, took over the 16 bed intensive care unit, and opened a new 39 bed respiratory ward to treat the critically ill patients. The medical staff selected from the Air Force Military Medical University provided counterpart support to Wuchang hospital, made clear the requirements one by one, and carried out the work of severe treatment, fever clinic, examination and radiation examination in time.

Wuhan huoshenshan hospital has set up 1000 beds, set up intensive care unit, intensive care unit and general unit, set up auxiliary departments such as infection control, inspection, special diagnosis, radiation diagnosis, etc., strengthen the treatment of severe patients, implement individualized diagnosis and treatment for each patient, cooperate with the development of nutrition treatment, psychological counseling and rehabilitation training.

Wuhan Taikang Tongji Hospital and Hubei women and childrens health care hospital Guanggu District, which are supported by the military to undertake the medical treatment task by Hubei medical team, have 860 and 700 beds respectively. After entering the hospital, the medical team draws on the experience of treatment and nursing summarized by Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, formulates the operation process, optimizes the treatment plan, and standardizes the process of wearing and taking off protective clothing and the operation of infection control The mode enables the medical staff to adapt to the situation and carry out their work as soon as they enter the hospital.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was first released in Wuhan since February 13th. At this time, 1400 military medical personnel were stationed in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, just 10 days ago.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has attracted much attention in Wuhan on the 10 days. The war report is particularly affecting people. The first batch of new crown pneumonia confirmed patients, the new confirmed severe pneumonia confirmed diagnosis and the total number of patients admitted to over 1000 people were...

Epidemic is order, time is life. Party members and cadres have been severely tested and baptized by the party spirit in the fight against the epidemic, and Communist Party members have become the common name of the fighting collective, with bright party flags flying high in the front line.

The army supported Hubei medical team to give full play to the role of the Battle Fortress of the grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of the majority of Party members. Through the establishment of party members commando team, the establishment of party members vanguard post, the launch of the hot line into the party and other forms, medical personnel were mobilized and encouraged to maintain a strong fighting force and high morale.

Where there is danger, where there is difficulty, there is the figure of Communist Party members. In terms of ward transformation, process design, treatment and nursing, the Communist Party members took the lead and rushed ahead, the first batch of them entered the ward and the first batch into the red zone.

In February 17, 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was sent to Wuhan by 1200 additional medical personnel who were sent to fight the new crown pneumonia in Wuhan. The picture shows the medical team coming out of Hankou railway station after arriving. Wang chuanshun, reporter of PLA Daily

Dare to fight hard and bear heavy burdens. Medical team members Xu Haitao, zhangjiayou, Wu Jun and a group of old comrades who have been party members for more than 20 years are riveted in the front line, driving the comrades around to devote themselves to the rescue work. If I am a party member, I will dare to take on the responsibilities. It is a high-risk operation to collect the nucleic acid of nasopharynx swab. With years of experience in the infection department, nurse Ronnie takes the initiative to take the responsibility and leave the danger and difficulty to herself. Chief physician Huang Tuanxin and his colleagues have been fighting in the front line of the epidemic. They have been working hard for nearly a month. This 34 year old Party member has no hesitation to stand up to the test of major tasks.

The more difficult and dangerous it is, the more difficult it will be. The peoples army has always had the audacity and heroism to dare to overwhelm all enemies and difficulties. It needs this bloodiness to win the battlefield and this courage to fight against the epidemic. On the way to the new Long March, the peoples army must further carry forward the spirit of struggle and be brave in taking on its responsibilities. When the party and the people need it, it must always be able to pull out, go up and win.

Keep in mind the purpose and the people first, and keep the original intention of the peoples children and soldiers forever

Our army is the children of the people. We share the same breath, destiny and heart to heart with the people. When danger comes, the vast number of officers and soldiers are always ready to fight for the benefit of the people.

President Xi made an important instruction to the army in the prevention and control of the epidemic. He asked to bear in mind the purpose and bear the heavy burden bravely to make contributions to win the prevention and control of the epidemic. What does the trust of the party and the people mean? What are the realistic requirements for carrying out the original mission? The answer becomes so clear in front of the big test - for the people, regardless of everything; serve the people, dedicate everything.

Opening the wechat circle of friends of the army to support the members of Hubei medical team, we will find many similar words: the motherland and the people need me, even if I die, it is meaningful, the disease is merciless, there is love in the world, and the peoples children and soldiers will fight for the people In the fight against the epidemic and saving lives, the military medical staff stood up and went all out to be soldiers in white and guard lives with their lives.

Leukocytes and lymphocytes are very low, arrhythmias, and breathing is getting weaker One night, Lu wusheng, the group leader of group 3, Division 2, infection 4, who was on duty in the ward, stared at the change of the condition and the results of the examination, and decisively determined that the patients symptoms were respiratory distress.

Respiratory distress is novel coronavirus pneumonia, and it can take away the lives of patients at any time. Lu wusheng quickly implemented electrocardiographic monitoring, opened the oxygen supply system, and prescribed prescriptions for the symptoms. Time, all the time. Numbers, keep beating. Gradually, the patients heart rate became strong, the spontaneous breathing gradually recovered, and his face began to ruddy, finally breaking through the dangerous level!

The patient needs me, the position needs me. The medical team member Ning Beifang had an acute asthma attack, but she took several antiasthmatic pills in a hurry, put on protective clothing and walked into the ward. Because in the minds of military medical personnel, this is the position to protect peoples life and health, and also our position.

Mrs. Lin, a severe patient over 70 years old, cant take care of herself. One of her children is away from home and the other is in isolation treatment. The nurses on duty take turns to feed, wash their feet and clean their bodies for the elderly. Many patients said that the military medical staff are very considerate, like their relatives.

Because of wearing protective clothing and masks for a long time, many medical staffs faces were marked with deep marks. Those photos with marks have been on the hot microblog search list. Netizens praise: This is the most beautiful face to see. The deep impression on these military doctors faces is their deep love for the people!

The meticulous care of the medical staff in the tenth ward of the infection department of the central theater general hospital has won the praise of the patients. The picture shows that on the morning of February 7, 2020, the medical staff took blood samples for the patients in the ward for testing. Wang chuanshun, reporter of PLA Daily

The people need, the mission will be achieved. The army in Hubei Province has set up a transportation support team to fight against the epidemic situation. Since February 2, it has been responsible for the transportation support task of living materials in Wuhan, with an average of more than 200 person times per day, more than 100 vehicles, and more than 240 tons of living materials such as fruits and vegetables, rice, and grains. Many Wuhan citizens said, the support team not only solved the problem of buying vegetables, but also brought the confidence of the people to overcome the epidemic. As long as they saw the military vehicle, they felt very stable!

How much the soldiers love the people, how much the people love the soldiers. I dont know who you are, but I know who you are for. This unforgettable melody is surging in the hearts of countless people. Military medical staff cant remember how many times they heard such thanks and greetings - salute, thank you, peoples Liberation Army, our relatives! You have worked hard, take care of yourself!

Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of the peoples army. In the face of this major test of epidemic prevention and control, the vast majority of officers and soldiers have attached great importance to the peoples suffering and safety, and once again vividly demonstrated their great loyalty and love for the people. No matter how the times develop and the situation changes, our army always stands with the people and is a child soldier who the people trust, love and support.

The peoples war of epidemic prevention and control will be won by the coordination between the army and the local government and the unity between the army and the people

On novel coronavirus pneumonia in February 10th, President Xi stressed that with a more confident confidence, stronger tenacity and more decisive measures, Beijing must firmly rely on the masses and firmly curb the spread and spread of the epidemic, and resolutely win the war, the general war and the blocking war.

Unity between the army and the people is the foundation of victory. In this battle without gunpowder, how many hurried steps are in the same directionu2014u2014

Here comes the group of veterans! Some of them drive cars to transport materials, some of them work day and night on the construction sites of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital and leishenshan hospital.

Here comes the new sister-in-law of Yimeng! They made 20 tons of dumplings in three days and three nights. They set out from Linyi, Shandong Province, and went all night to the front line of anti epidemic.

Military hospitals actively participate in local medical treatment, strengthen epidemic monitoring reports, and put forward scientific prevention and control suggestions. Disease control institutions at all levels in the Army shall organize epidemiological investigation, laboratory testing and technical training on epidemic prevention and control, so as to improve the ability of rapid detection and on-site disposal.

The militia of each military region (police area) shall cooperate with the local government to complete the tasks of foreign personnel management, site disinfection, vigilance and duty, material transportation, epidemic prevention and publicity.

This is a desperate expedition - 29 provinces, autonomous regions and cities, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, the army and so on dispatched more than 330 medical teams, more than 41600 medical staff to help.

The army and the land are united in one heart, and their benefits are equal to gold. Behind the numbers, there is mutual support and close cooperation between the military and the local. After the military support Hubei medical team arrived, Jinyintan hospital vacated office facilities, preset medical supplies, and adjusted 2 sets of ventilators, so that the medical team could be put into work as soon as possible. The three wards in charge of the medical team are short of manpower. Hankou hospital has appointed more than 20 experienced nursing staff to assist in emergency, and allocated medical supplies such as goggles and N95 masks for common use. The medical team arranged 8 imaging experts and 3 infectious disease prevention and control experts to be responsible for the formulation and implementation of infection control plan and measures in Wuchang hospital. The backbone of military and local medical staff consulted with each other on the condition, made plans, and carried out scientific treatment and disease-related policies, which improved the quality of diagnosis and treatment of severe patients.

The epidemic situation is still severe and complex, prevention and control is in the most difficult critical stage, and the safety of medical personnel affects people. Party committees and governments at all levels actively care and care, vigorously publicize the advanced deeds and touching stories of medical personnel, and help solve practical difficulties and problems. A series of measures have been taken to promote the implementation, national security has built a strong backing; various regions have introduced policies, warm heart measures to eliminate worries; care has gathered from all sectors of the society, love helps to stimulate stronger fighting spirit

War epidemic front line, family care warm military medical personnel. The daughter of Ma Ling, deputy director of the second Department of critical medicine of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, sent a video: in the TV interview, my father asked the whole nation to rest assured that the PLA would never retreat and protect everyones safety and health; I also asked my father to rest assured that you are fighting the epidemic in the front line and I will study hard in the rear! That day, Ma Ling made a forward charging posture for her daughter in the video, and said the four words again: swear to death!

The bugle of the general attack resounded through the land of Jingchu. When hundreds of millions of hands are clasped together, countless warm voices echo in peoples ears, making every Chinese people really feel: what is Chinas power, what is Chinas confidence. This power contains the great power of the unity of the army and the people, and this confidence overlaps the firm will of the unity of the army and the people.

The army and the people are united as one man. Lets see who can be the enemy in the world. The fight for epidemic prevention and control has witnessed the deep feelings of the military and the people, and consolidated the political advantage of the unity of the military, the government and the people. We million people united as one man and unite with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the special battle. We must strengthen our confidence and unite all hearts and win the comprehensive victory of this special battle.