This blocking war Xi Jinping commanded the whole process.

 This blocking war Xi Jinping commanded the whole process.

With more firm confidence, stronger will and more decisive measures, we should firmly rely on the people, firmly contain the spread of the epidemic, and resolutely win the peoples war, the general war and the resistance war for epidemic prevention and control..

For more than a month, general secretary Xi Jinping has personally commanded and personally deployed, set an example and set the example. He has held many important meetings, and has made intensive instructions and arrangements. He has personally and comprehensively commanded the unprecedented nationwide epidemic.

Dare to take responsibility and put the people first

Epidemic prevention and control is a serious struggle to protect peoples life and health.

For more than a month from January 7th to now, Xi Jinping held 6 meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the 1 meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the third meeting of the Central Committee for the overall rule of law, the Twelfth Meeting of the Central Committee for deepening the reform of the Central Committee of the CPC on January 7th, the 1 videophone meeting for 170 thousand people, and went deep into the community, hospitals and disease control in Beijing. To understand the situation of epidemic prevention and control at the grassroots level.

Meanwhile, Xi Jinping also talked with foreign dignitaries and leaders of international organizations on telephone, correspondence and meetings to introduce progress in Chinas epidemic prevention and control and to convey Chinas confidence.

The real communists are the ones who can rush up at the critical moment and emerge at the critical moment.

In intensive meetings and speeches, Xi Jinping always asked Party organizations and Party members and cadres at all levels to be responsible, responsible, responsible and responsible and let the party flag fly high in the forefront of the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development were held in Beijing in February 23rd. Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development were discussed in February 23rd. Xi Jinping further stressed that cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, should enhance their hearts and minds of responsibility, their sense of responsibility, their benevolence and prudence, and be brave in their pioneering work.

The wind knows the grass. If the epidemic is ordered, the responsibility is as high as a mountain. It is the responsibility to stand up.

The return peak of Spring Festival is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control. From both sides of the Yangtze River to Baishan and Heishui, from the Central Plains to the coast of the East China Sea, Party members and cadres from all over the country have mobilized the masses to participate in and organize the masses to overcome difficulties, so as to minimize the spread of the epidemic.

Its hard to bear the responsibility for big things. In times of crisis, the ability to fight shows its true colors.

I apply to stay in the observation room. Zhang Zhan, associate professor of the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University and Secretary of the Party branch of respiratory and critical care medicine department, drives people around him with his own practical actions.

In the ark of life hospital, the temporary Party branch of the medical team, the temporary Party branch of the sick friends, and the temporary Party branch of the local support Hubei medical team have been established one after another The majority of Party members and the masses gathered under the partys banner, competing against time and against the plague. A relay race competing for time with the sick has been staged all over the country.

Wisdom in prevention and control sharpens the weapon of scientific prevention and control

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a relatively new concept for infectious diseases.

For Xi Jinping, who is concerned about the research and development of vaccine research and virus detection, we should carry out scientific research in a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary way, and strengthen theoretical research on infectious sources and transmission of pathogenic mechanisms.

Only knowing ones own and knowing the other can one hundred battles be invincible.

In February 10th, Xi Jinping novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing.

After the outbreak, pull together in times of trouble and comprehensive judgement, the Central Committee of the CPC, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, formulated the general requirements of strengthening confidence, helping the boat, preventing and controlling the disease and making precise measures, and established the general goal of resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

Take Wuhan and Hubei as the main battlefields of the country, and other provinces strengthen the guidance of classification. A series of novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency strategies have been launched rapidly, and a scientific battle against prevention has been launched.

u2014u2014Key focus: control the source of infection and cut off the route of transmission

All provinces (districts and cities) promptly launched the first-class response to major public health emergencies, and built a joint prevention and control, group prevention and control system. The Spring Festival holiday was extended in time to control the epidemic situation at the national level.

In view of the risk of epidemic spread caused by the large-scale flow of people after the festival, the central government and local governments should deploy in advance to postpone the start of school, return to work flexibly and travel at different peak times, and take strict measures in health monitoring and personnel management.

u2014u2014Fast decoding, virus identification and vaccine development

After the outbreak, novel coronavirus was isolated from the patients samples quickly, and the whole genome sequence was detected, and the virus nucleic acid detection kit was developed. The latent virus finally appeared.

At the first time, the vaccine research and development work was started, and several technical routes such as inactivated vaccine and DNA vaccine were promoted in parallel to accelerate the vaccine research and development.

u2014u2014Early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment

Increase fever clinic, set up medical isolation observation point, isolate suspected patients in a single room, and immediately transfer them to a designated hospital for treatment once confirmed All over the country, we will move forward the gate and take good care of the first gate for the treatment of patients.


Facing the new situation and new problems of epidemic prevention and control, all localities make decisive decisions and strengthen the scientific and accurate prevention and control work. At the same time, the prevention and control discipline should be strictly investigated, such as the absence of duty without permission during the prevention and control period, and the ineffective implementation of prevention and control measures, so as to ensure that the top-down orders and actions are effective.

After arduous efforts, the number of newly confirmed cases in provinces other than Hubei and cities other than Wuhan has both dropped to single digits, and the cumulative number of cases cured and discharged across the country has exceeded the number of currently confirmed cases. The situation of epidemic prevention and control is expanding.

Planning, overall planning and precise implementation

All in all, play the piano with ten fingers.

To do a good job in maintaining social stability is an important guarantee for effective response to major epidemics.

Based on the current situation, we should not only win the interdiction war of epidemic prevention and control scientifically and accurately, but also take a long-term view, sum up experience and learn lessons, focus on the weaknesses and deficiencies exposed in this epidemic, and pay close attention to the weaknesses, loopholes, strengths and weaknesses, adhere to, improve, establish, implement, improve the system and mechanism of major epidemic prevention and control, and improve the national public Public health emergency management system.

At the beginning of the war, Xi Jinping insisted that the whole country should play chess and make overall efforts to support the epidemic prevention and control as an important guarantee.

Economic society is a dynamic cycle system, which can not be suspended for a long time. Under the current epidemic situation, it is undoubtedly a big test for us to achieve the double victories of epidemic prevention and control and this years economic and social development goals and tasks.

In February 23rd, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development were discussed in a coordinated way. Xi Jinping gave specific guidance on overall prevention and development, and implemented the accurate, comprehensive and resumed production of the district and grade.

The low-risk areas should adjust the prevention and control strategy to the input of external prevention as soon as possible, and comprehensively restore the order of production and life. The medium risk areas should return to work orderly according to the prevention and control situation, and the high-risk areas should continue to focus on epidemic prevention and control.

In accordance with Xi Jinpings general requirements, the local authorities have made great efforts to enlarge Recruitment. Zhejiang government should be the second child of stores and invest in aircraft, high-speed rail, steamship and bus to pick up employees from all over the country to go back to work; Guangdong takes counties (cities and districts) as units, and divides four levels of prevention and control areas according to the current situation and development trend of the epidemic; Jiangsu encourages enterprises to apply the industrial Internet platform to resume production online

The self propelled sprayer is operated in the wheat field of the Hu Jia Zhai village in the town of Changan District, Xian, China (photo taken in February 21st).

When spring ploughs, farming is tight. In the time of intense war, Xi Jinping also made important instructions for spring ploughing: the more we face risks and challenges, the more we need to stabilize agriculture, the more we need to ensure the safety of grain and important non-staple food.

At the same time, Xi Jinping is concerned about the work of tackling poverty and tackling poverty. He stressed that there should be no thought of slowing down and waiting for the first class. Instead, he must work harder to tackle the tough problems.

Epidemic in the national war

In fact, it is also a war of logistics support to fight the prevention and control of epidemic situation.

The prevention and control of epidemic situation in key areas should be supported by the whole country. As of February 23, more than 330 medical teams and 41600 medical personnel have been sent to Hubei by 29 provinces, regions and cities, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the army.

On February 15, Guangdong Province provided counterpart support to members of Hubei Jingzhou medical team and medical staff of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University to treat patients in Jingzhou.

For the front-line medical staff, Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed the need to care and protect:

Party committees and governments at all levels should care about and care for them, vigorously publicize outstanding models and advanced deeds, help solve practical difficulties and problems, and ensure that life, safety and humanistic care are in place..

We will implement security and protection measures for protective materials and living materials, make overall arrangements for rotation, strengthen psychological guidance, implement wage treatment, temporary work subsidies and health and epidemic prevention subsidies, improve incentive mechanisms, and help them relieve their worries..

We should strengthen the prevention of hospital infection and do a good job in scientific protection and training of medical personnel..


As of February 28, 5413000 tons of epidemic prevention and living materials and 1179600 tons of electric coal, fuel oil and other production materials have been transported to Hubei Province by railway, highway, water transportation, civil aviation, postal express delivery and other means of transportation.

To win the peoples war of epidemic prevention and control, we must rely on the people closely.

The grass-roots level is the first line of joint prevention and control, mass prevention and mass governance, and the first line of resumption of production. Xi Jinping is also very concerned about the implementation of the Central Committees policy at the grass-roots level. In February 23rd, he held a teleconference for 170 thousand people from the central government to the county level, and put forward 3 requirements for cadres at all levels: we must pay close attention to the implementation of the work, enhance our sense of hardship and improve our working skills.

Insist that the green mountain will not be relaxed and the Loulan will not be returned.

Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the whole nation worked together to compose a song of war epidemic in the new era. If you dont win, youll never win!