Investigation results of Huangs case: serious accountability due to dereliction of duty

 Investigation results of Huangs case: serious accountability due to dereliction of duty

In February 21st, novel coronavirus pneumonia was released by Huang Mouying, a released prisoner in Wuhan womens prison, and aroused widespread concern in the Han Dynasty. How can Huang leave Wuhan? How can I enter Beijing?

Huang, 61, a female, from Xuanen County, Enshi Tujia Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, was formerly the deputy head and cashier of the financial department of Xuanen water conservancy and Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province. On February 18, 2014, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by the intermediate peoples Court of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture for the crime of corruption. During his term of imprisonment, his sentence was commuted twice for 14 months. The term of imprisonment is from April 18, 2011 to February 17, 2020. Before February 17th, novel coronavirus pneumonia had been launched in Hubei. Huang Mouying, who lives in Enshi, Hubei, and daughter in Beijing, contacted Huang Mouying for release. They all said they could not go home to Wuhan because of traffic control. Novel coronavirus pneumonia or suspected cases were diagnosed by prison police in prison area where Huang Mouying served. Huang is a close contact. On February 17, after Huang was released from prison, he stayed in Wuhan womens prison for isolation and observation.

On the morning of February 17-21, the prison measured the temperature of Huang for 13 times, including 37.3 u00b0 C on February 18 and 19. In the meantime, Huang repeatedly asked the police to go home. The police contacted their daughter, who said they wanted to find a solution. The police and their daughters ex husband agreed to deliver Huang to Wuhan North Expressway toll station for oral delivery on the morning of February 21.

On the morning of February 21, the police took Huang, who had been isolated and observed, to the gate of the prison, preached the relevant epidemic prevention regulations to him, and asked him to write down a letter of guarantee for 14 days after he was released from prison. The police will take Huang out of the prison, take the eweco police car to the square outside the Wuhan North Expressway toll station, and walk him to the checkpoint. At that time, Li Mou, a Xiaogan released person, was also handed over to his son at the toll station to bring back Xiaogan. At present, Li Mou and his close contacts totaled 4 people, all of whom were isolated at the local designated place. Previously, Huangs family members and the police on duty at the checkpoint explained their intention and waited outside the checkpoint. At that time, the police of Changqing Street police station of Dongxihu District Public Security Branch of Wuhan city failed to perform the duty of investigation and control on Huang and released him.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was driven by Huang Mouying and his daughter and his daughters ex husband at 11:30 on February 21st. The speed reached Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao. It arrived in the early morning of February 22nd. On the 24 day, Huang was diagnosed as a new crown pneumonia.

The cause of the incident

According to the joint investigation team, although the incident happened in Wuhan womens prison, its root lies in Hubei Provincial Department of justice and Hubei provincial prison bureau.

u2014u2014Hubei Provincial Department of justice has weak leadership and weak political and responsibility consciousness. The understanding of the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee is not deep, and the management of the provincial prison bureau is just a formality. The documents issued by the provincial prison bureau were not strictly reviewed and checked, and they were submitted to the political and Legal Committee of the provincial Party Committee for examination and approval. After the relevant leaders of the provincial Party committee gave clear instructions, they still failed to correct the errors of the provincial prison bureau in time, resulting in serious problems in the implementation of the prison system policy of Hubei Province, which runs counter to the epidemic prevention and control measures of Hubei Province and even the whole country.

u2014u2014In Hubei Province, the prison administration is not well managed, and the awareness of politics, the overall situation and the rule of law are seriously lacking. The decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, the prevention and control measures of the Hubei provincial Party committee and the provincial government, and the clear requirements of the Ministry of justice were implemented selectively. There was no overall idea, and the prison epidemic prevention was not consciously included in the overall situation of the national epidemic prevention work. The requirements of the relevant leadership instructions of the Hubei provincial Party committee and the clear provisions of the Ministry of justice were ignored, resulting in the relevant work requirements of the higher authorities were not implemented.

u2014u2014The work of Wuhan womens prison is poor, and the internal management and system implementation are chaotic. Wuhan womens prison did not implement the system that the Ministry of justice must report and strictly implement the 14 day isolation of fever for one hour, knowing that Huangs close contacts and abnormal body temperature had occurred. It still contacted Huangs relatives in Beijing, and sent Huang to the highway exit outside the city with police cars, which led to his entry into Beijing, causing a great risk of the spread of the epidemic in Beijing.

u2014u2014Wuhan Dongxihu District Public Security Bureau has poor management and control, and its work attitude and discipline style are not real. The public security bureau did not have enough education and strict requirements for the police in charge of checkpoint control, and the supervision and inspection were not in place, which resulted in slack work and carelessness of the police, and lax inspection of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving Wuhan.

Seriously investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel

After the joint investigation team arrived in Hubei, it immediately carried out investigation and verification in strict accordance with laws and disciplines, contacted Hubei provincial Party committee and provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, talked with the responsible comrades of Hubei Provincial Department of justice and prison bureau individually, investigated and inquired into the relevant card points of Wuhan womens prison and Wuhan urban area, collected data, solidified evidence, and found out the history of Huangs incident.

According to the joint investigation team, Hubei Provincial Department of justice is responsible for the leadership of Huangs case, the provincial prison bureau is mainly responsible for it, Wuhan womens prison is directly responsible for it, and Wuhan East West Lake District Public Security Bureau is not in place to perform the inspection and control responsibilities, so relevant personnel shall be investigated for their responsibilities in accordance with laws and disciplines.

The joint investigation team transferred the problems found in the investigation to the relevant authorities of Hubei Province for handling according to laws and regulations, and put forward preliminary handling suggestions.

Firmly block the loopholes in the external prevention output of the epidemic situation in the prison

The lesson of Huangs incident is profound. On January 30, the Ministry of Justice issued an emergency notice on the placement of released prisoners, which clearly stipulated that the prison should inform the criminals of the current situation of the epidemic situation and the requirements for epidemic prevention, and do a good job of family members through the Judicial Bureau of the place where the criminals are registered, and persuade the criminals to obey the arrangement for epidemic prevention; for those who have completed their sentence during the period of isolation and observation, the prison should place them outside the supervision area for further isolation and observation after handling the release procedures. However, these measures have not been strictly implemented, resulting in the release of prisoners out of prison with virus, seriously affecting the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control.

To this end, the Ministry of justice has further tightened measures and sent 28 supervision groups to supervise the implementation of epidemic prevention measures and the placement of released prisoners in drug rehabilitation places across the country. Leaders of the Ministry shall inspect the implementation of external prevention input, internal non-proliferation and external prevention output of epidemic prevention and control in various supervision institutions through video dispatching every day. All localities should take practical precautions, implement solid measures, resolutely close the loopholes in the epidemic prevention and output of the prison, and conduct 14 days of isolation observation on all criminals before their release. For those who are less than 14 days away from the end of their sentence, after going through the formalities for the release according to law, they shall communicate and coordinate with the relevant departments to arrange them to continue to be isolated and observed in specific places until the end of 14 days. After going through the release procedures according to law, all prisons in Hubei Province, Jining City, Shandong Province and Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province should coordinate with relevant departments to arrange isolation in specific places until the end of the epidemic. For the released prisoners whose registered permanent residence is in Beijing, they will be seamlessly connected with the local placement Department of the prison. They will be temporarily placed in the local area until the end of the epidemic, and the epidemic will be strictly prevented from entering Beijing.

Wuhan prisons released prisoners were confirmed February 22, and they were taken back to Beijing by their families

A new case of novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in Beijing recently. It is a local prison released in Wuhan. It has been confirmed locally. In February 22nd, it was driven by family members to Beijing. Now, 3 of her family members are quarantined.

A joint investigation on the case of Wuhan prisons release from Han Dynasty to Beijing