U.S. experts: nuclear strike will make the more U.S. uses nuclear weapons, the greater the disaster

 U.S. experts: nuclear strike will make the more U.S. uses nuclear weapons, the greater the disaster

According to the report, the research team led by Pierce has established a set of anti phagocytic model of nuclear war, which is mainly used to study the disaster damage caused by the unilateral use of nuclear weapons and the negative impact on the nuclear strike against the country. According to the theory of nuclear autumn deduced by American experts, the smoke and dust generated by nuclear explosion will lead to a significant drop in global temperature, the sun is hard to reach the surface, the atmospheric precipitation will be reduced, the supply chain and food production of some countries will be forced to be interrupted, and the global agricultural production will be reduced by 10% to 20%, enough to cause a wide range of food shortages, and millions of people will suffer from hunger.

Research shows that if the United States uses 100 nuclear warheads, the damage to the environment will be small, and Americans with a large number of agricultural land will not suffer from starvation; if the United States uses 1000 nuclear warheads, the burned enemy cities will bring catastrophic climate change, resulting in global food production reduction, even if the United States implements strict food rationing, about 140000 Americans will die of hunger; for example If the U.S. uses 3000 nuclear warheads, it will face global industrial loss and 10% food shortage; if the U.S. uses 7000 nuclear weapons, even in the most ideal state, it will cause at least 5 million Americans to starve.

Therefore, US experts believe that it is not advisable to ensure nuclear deterrence by possessing more nuclear weapons. There is no need for the United States to spend tens of billions to expand its nuclear arsenal. Retaining 100 nuclear weapons can not only provide sufficient nuclear deterrence, but also avoid the serious disaster impact of the nuclear autumn. (Zhang Yi)

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