Qiu Haibo: I should be where the severe patients are

 Qiu Haibo: I should be where the severe patients are

Qiu Haibo: I should be where the severe patients are (source: video synthesis)

CCTV news (cctv.com) novel coronavirus pneumonia is the key to reducing the mortality of new crown pneumonia. At present, more than 11000 severe medical professionals have been mobilized in Wuhan to work together to tackle the problem. Today (March 1), we are going to meet Qiu Haibo, a severe illness expert and member of the expert group of the central steering group.

As an expert of the central guidance group, Qiu Haibo has to run three or four hospitals in a day to inspect critical cases and give targeted diagnosis and treatment suggestions. When he first arrived in Wuhan, he found that the number of severe cases increased rapidly every day, but there was no need for a bed in the ICU. Qiu Haibo and members of the expert group suggested that we should increase the designated hospitals for the treatment of severe patients and rapidly expand the number of severe beds, which was soon adopted by the central guidance group.

In the ICU, Qiu Haibo is not only an expert in the guidance group, but also a clinical doctor. He and his colleagues are looking for a breakthrough and diagnosis and treatment path in the treatment of critical patients.

Prone position ventilation is novel coronavirus pneumonia that Qiu Haibo and his colleagues have concluded. It is a new respiratory therapy for critically ill patients. But we should turn over the intubated patients and avoid the fall off and damage of all kinds of intubation on the patients, which is not only technical work but also strength work.

During the day clinical treatment, at night to discuss the diagnosis and treatment program, this is Qiu Haibos work rhythm for more than a month.

In round the clock efforts of the novel Coronet members, the novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan has been updated in six months, and now it is about to update the seventh edition.

Elite medical forces gathered in Wuhan from all over the country, and different disciplines cooperated to fight. Qiu Haibo rushed among the critical hospitals. In recent days, Qiu Haibo is pleased to find that more and more severe patients are getting better, and the phenomenon of bed and others has begun to appear in ICU.