Peoples entertainment appeals: respect cultural diversity, healthy and rational pursuit of stars

 Peoples entertainment appeals: respect cultural diversity, healthy and rational pursuit of stars

Netease Entertainment March 2 report on March 2, peoples entertainment commented on Weibo: culture, we can seek common ground while reserving differences; chasing stars, we can also be positive.. Works, culture and platforms should be tools of communication, not battlefields. We call for reason, cherish life, and never let anyone or any platform pay for the impulse! We call on fans to respect cultural diversity and pursue stars in a healthy and rational way.

Recently, Xiao Zhans fans are dissatisfied with their idols being written in the same culture. Reporting writers has led to multiple platforms and a large number of works in the same culture being implicated, which has led to a curse war.

Fans maliciously report that the platform is banned and the spokesperson is boycotted by a large number of netizens

Xiao Zhan, a fan of Xiao Zhan, said in the topic of Bo Jun and Xiao, that someone had deliberately spread rumors and insulted Xiao Zhan, accused the article of being filthy, and @ many CP writers, meaning that they slandered Xiao Zhan and led other fans to attack the writers. Many fans of Xiao Zhan immediately opened a piece of Xiao CP powder and all the writers, and the sisters also responded to join the fight.

Follow the stars with reason! Xiao Zhans studio apologizes to the platform for fan reports

Recently, due to the reporting behavior of some fans of Xiao Zhan, ao3 platform was banned, and the video content of other platforms was deleted. Then, Xiao Zhans endorsement products were boycotted by a large number of netizens. On the evening of January 1, Xiao Zhans studio issued a statement saying that it was deeply sorry and sorry for the impact of the incident and called on fans to pursue the stars rationally.

Wang Sicong and haven watch the report of Xiao Zhans fans and forward it to Changwen for praise

After Xiao Zhans apology, Wang Sicong, the Discipline Inspection Committee of entertainment circle, made a long lost update and praised a blog about Xiao Zhan. This is a few words to Xiao Zhans fans without any emotion. From a neutral point of view, it analyzes the ao3 event of Xiao Zhans fans War, mainly saying that Xiao Zhans fans should not report anyone and should not ruin Xiao Zhans popularity.

Things are going up! Xiao zhanfen called it the platform for idol to pay for life

Xiao Zhans studio and the fans of the whistleblower and the humanities writer all apologized, but failed to calm the incident. Some netizens found that many of Xiao Zhans fans were boycotted and reviled because they couldnt bear their idols, leaving some amazing comments on the Internet: please dont scold your brother, I will pay for my life, OK? Ill jump. Goodbye to the Internet..