Make more active and effective use of foreign capital (make overall plans for reform, development and stability)

 Make more active and effective use of foreign capital (make overall plans for reform, development and stability)

On February 29, Xu Ting (second from left) and his colleagues worked overtime to discuss investment promotion.

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The staff of lexing automotive electronics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. are strictly disinfecting the restaurant.

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The workers of Huamei Food Co., Ltd. are stepping up production.

On February 26, Wuhu Branch of anbofu Electric System Co., Ltd., a foreign-funded enterprise in Wuhu, Anhui Province, is stepping up production of export order products.

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The sudden epidemic has brought a certain degree of influence to the development of enterprises. The key to stabilize the basic foreign trade and foreign capital market is to stabilize foreign trade enterprises.

To this end, all departments around the country closely focus on the needs of enterprises, provide more refined services, steadily and orderly promote the resumption of enterprises, make more active and effective use of foreign capital, strive to stabilize the stock, grasp the landing of major foreign capital projects, innovate investment promotion methods, strive to create a good internal and external environment, and help enterprises to tide over difficulties and achieve greater development.


Putuo District, Shanghaiu2014u2014

Whole process assistance

Efficient investment promotion

Our reporter: Ju Yunpeng

At noon on February 28, Xu Ting, chief of the project promotion section of Putuo District Investment Promotion Office in Shanghai, was carrying out the epidemic prevention task in the community. Xu Ting received the good news from his colleagues: the tax information of the newly registered German intelligent manufacturing enterprise renuosi automobile investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the area was supplemented, the taxes and invoices were all approved, and the enterprise could be formally invoiced for operation.

Its not surprising that its going well. Xu Ting said that a few days ago, the unit just coordinated with the district tax bureau and sent staff to give one-on-one tax guidance to the person in charge of the enterprise. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the two sides are not allowed to meet and change to online video.

Although the online Preview has been completed, Putuo District Investment Promotion Office has sent a special person to the tax bureau to assist in the on-site processing, which is completed in an hour.

On January 3, the business license came down. Xu Ting said the speed was nearly a month faster than they had expected. Then, the bank and tax procedures were gradually finalized, and by the 28th, they were all completed. Until the business license was obtained, the company sent only one person to Shanghai to send materials from Germany.

Affected by the epidemic, the original work plan of the enterprise was delayed. However, in the six wechat groups jointly established by Putuo District Investment Promotion Office staff and the enterprise, there was no delay in the communication with the legal affairs, finance, municipal and district departments respectively. Due to the time difference, it is normal for wechat group to ring frequently in the middle of the night.

Just because of the whole process of assistance, Putuo District Investment Promotion Office knows the next trend of the enterprise as well as its own affairs: the company has rented the plant in Shenyang, and will start to go through the approval procedures, waiting for the equipment to be shipped from overseas, and then it will start to put into production.

In the past two days, Xu Ting and Wu Jiani, the general manager of the companys Asia region, called again. The other side said that their global president was worried: we pay close attention to the epidemic situation in China, and want to come to China early to continue to promote the business development of the company, the sooner the better.

Qingdao, Shandongu2014u2014

Full protection

Staff arrival

Our reporter Wang Pei

Located in Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, lexing automotive electronics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is a Korean labor-intensive enterprise, which mainly develops, designs and produces various automotive switches, interior lamps and other products. The sudden outbreak disrupted the pace of production. It was really urgent at that time. Yang Tao, director of the companys personnel and general affairs department, said.

But now, in the roaring workshop of this company, the workers on the production line are wearing masks and operating in an orderly manner. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, we mobilized the competent departments of various industries, and provided service specialists for more than 700 enterprises above the designated area, so as to fully guarantee the resumption of work and production. Li Cang District Development and Reform Bureau Director Chen Liming said.

Before returning to work, a pamphlet sent by the service commissioner gave Yang Tao a reassuring pill.

This is the nine procedures for the resumption of work of enterprises in Licang District during the prevention and control period launched by Licang District, in which nine aspects, such as plant management, personnel management and control, disinfection and protection, are compiled into a volume in the form of cards, and enterprises can carry out standardized operation according to the manual.

A dormitory building is vacated in the park for isolation, which is risky and uncontrollable. No suitable place can be found for isolation outside the plant area. Yang Tao said. After receiving help, Hushan Street immediately took action and rented 20 apartments and hotel rooms for centralized isolation.

On the other side, in the plant area, special garbage cans are set to collect waste masks, 20 automatic disinfectant sprayers are installed in the toilet, the whole plant is sterilized twice a day, key areas are sterilized three to five times a day, and epidemic prevention and control safety officers patrol and inspect every day Lexin arranges in advance according to the guidance of the manual, and manages the epidemic prevention and control in detail.

On the day of resumption of work, 540 employees of lexing arrived at the post, with the arrival rate of more than 60% and the production capacity of 87%, ensuring the product orders requiring urgent delivery. The local government really helped us out! Yang Tao said.

As of February 26, the number of foreign-invested enterprises in Qingdao has reached 4584, with an operating rate of 83.28%. The operating rate of key enterprises reached 97.14%, basically returning to normal operation.

Shenyang, Liaoningu2014u2014

Smooth transportation

Tide over difficulties

Our reporter Liu Hongchao Liu Jiahua

Take temperature, register, change clothes, disinfect, walk into the cooked food processing workshop of Shenyang Huamei Food Co., Ltd., only to see that the three production lines that have been started are running in an orderly manner, and more than 300 workers are busy putting strings, charcoal baking, cooking, quick freezing, packaging for chicken Bags of cooked food fresh out are sent to the cold storage.

Huamei food, located in Shenbei New District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a Sino foreign joint venture with the participation of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan. The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the company according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, orderly promote resumption and resumption of production.

Huamei groups farms are located in Shenbei New District and Faku County of Shenyang City. I was worried about the impact of the epidemic and the difficulty of cross regional transportation of poultry and meat products, said Li Yang. I didnt expect that after the resumption of work, the urban agricultural department and the transportation department jointly helped us solve the problem of transportation pass, and took photos of the companys vehicle pass to the staff. Within 10 minutes, the electronic version of the pass was sent back.

A few days ago, when the chickens raised by enterprises were transported to a certain province, for the sake of insurance, the local inspection and quarantine department specifically asked the agricultural and rural Department of Liaoning Province to check the animal quarantine certificate, and the agricultural and rural Department of Liaoning Province quickly replied to ensure the smooth transportation of products.

In order to support enterprises to start and return to work, Shenyang Business Environment Construction Bureau issued 15 measures, and Shenbei New District also issued 10 measures to help enterprises overcome difficulties. Shenbei New District Bureau of commerce actively contacted Huamei food and asked if it was necessary to issue a force majeure certificate to reduce the loss of the enterprise.

Not only Huamei, but also many enterprises in the region have applied for the qualification of Liaoning Provinces key enterprises for guarantee and supply, helping enterprises to open up a green channel for transportation. Tao Hongyu, deputy director of Shenbei New District Bureau of Commerce, said that at present, 97% of Enterprises above Designated Size in the whole district have started and resumed work, of which 100% are foreign-funded enterprises above designated size.

The company is now applying for post stabilization subsidies, and the social security fees that need to be paid have also been reduced, Li said. The government has given each of the companys returning workers an epidemic prevention subsidy, and has contacted the company for many times to understand the demand for epidemic prevention materials, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production are both correct.