Ramos back to pick: if you can win every court, Id rather be so rotten forever

 Ramos back to pick: if you can win every court, Id rather be so rotten forever

Previous situation review:

Pique: Real Madrid was the worst Ive ever seen in the first half and we didnt take it

Ramos first talked about becoming the leader again: when we were not good in the previous games, we hope to play better in front of such a great opponent as Barcelona, which is a unique opportunity to prove ourselves. We have got three important points, but the league is still long and we have to be down to earth

Ramos then talked about the loss in the first half: we decided to give Barcelona the ball, decided to back the defence. I dont know if its good or bad, but its our decision. Barcelona controlled the ball, but they didnt create many chances. In the second half we changed the way we played, we grabbed high, started to create opportunities and score

How does Real Madrid decide when to withdraw and when to force? Ramos replied: it depends on the situation of the game. I dont know if our decisions are right or wrong sometimes, but thats how we play and we see our progress.

Ramos said he learned from the defeat in the Champions League: we can learn from all mistakes, which will help us to be stronger. We are used to self-criticism in the first place. I watched the video, we played a good 78 minutes, and then the line broke

Ramos talked about how to defend Messi: at the end of the day, Messi can create opportunities in any way, and we have to keep an eye on him. Maybe we pay too much attention to him, because he is decisive, we all focus on him, we suppress his space.

Ramos talked about the support of the fans: the result was not ideal before, we always feel indebted to the fans. Now we give back to the fans and we will continue to fight together for the championship

Real Madrid locked in the championship? Ramos doesnt think so: I dont think its decisive. These three points are important. Were not five points behind our opponents. Its also important.

Ramos then rebuked pique: I respect everyones point of view. If I can win the national Derby every time, I would rather play so badly in the first half. Everyones point of view is different. In the first half, we gave up the right to the ball and in the second half, we fought high. Barca is not good enough, we start to create opportunities

Is this the worst Barcelona that Ramos has ever seen? Ramos replied: Barcelona have their own philosophy, that is to control the ball. I respect this philosophy, but we have different systems. Its not good or bad, its just different ideas.

Ramos praised Mariano: this goal helps us to win, and its important for him personally. There is no better reward than a goal from the national Derby, we are all happy for him. Zidanes charm is to prepare all the players

Ramos also talked about vinesius: he didnt score many goals before, but he was putting pressure on his opponents. We have to give him peace of mind. He is a young man with many characteristics. He will become a superstar

Ramos wants to appeal for the Champions League red card: we have the possibility to appeal. From my personal point of view, of course, I want to appeal. Im willing to do anything as long as I have the chance to play. The rules are vague. Some say its a foul. Some say its not a foul. This is football, but football cant rewind.

Ramos praised Zidane: I dont know if he has received the recognition he deserves, I cant control the opinions of others. But if someone is a pure man, that person is Zidane, he has always kept the peace of mind

Did jesuse foul Ramos before scoring for city? Ramos replied, I think it was a small touch.

Ramos finally talked about the Spanish Football Associations presidential campaign: I am the captain of Spain, and I have a good relationship with CASI and ruyales. Ive always blessed Cassie, but Im also friends with Luis, so Im not going to pick sides.

Real Madrid are the favourites? Ramos avoided saying: I dont like the word hot, thats what your reporters like to say. Its a long League, were just back at the top, we have to play one game at a time

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