Folk doctors heal novel coronavirus pneumonia? Media: dont let the stick get caught in the epidemic.

 Folk doctors heal novel coronavirus pneumonia? Media: dont let the stick get caught in the epidemic.

In recent days, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been widely observed by Dr. Li Yuehua, who has successfully cured the new deputy pneumonia of Hubei Provincial Department of justice, Chen Beiyang.

How the miracle doctor was tempered

After half a month, the doctor of a little-known clinic in Hanyang, Wuhan, has become a miracle doctor and visiting doctor in many peoples minds. The plot of Li Yuehuas emergence as a miracle doctor is full of drama and chance.

In fact, it is this out of the circle contingency that virtually enhances the miracle doctors conviction.

On February 13, Chen Beiyang, a retired deputy director of the Department, and his family of three people infected with new coronavirus pneumonia refused to cooperate in the centralized isolation, which caused heated public opinion. After that, Chen Beiyang issued an apology letter in the circle of friends, clarifying that the reason for his isolation at home after diagnosis was initially no bed, and later it was cured.

It was this apology letter to the residents of the community that brought Li Yuehua into the field of public opinion for the first time. It can be seen from the public search report that Li Yuehua, as the witness of the Chen Beiyang incident, has been interviewed by the media for many times since then.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the focus of the 9 cases of new crown pneumonia patients, and it has attracted more and more attention.

Due to Chen Beiyangs unintentional demonstration, many people highly praise Li Yuehuas so-called acupoint injection therapy, and think that this therapy should attract the attention of relevant departments.

In some social platforms, even some netizens have come up with a conspiracy theory. The reason why Li Yuehuas therapy was not adopted is because it was suppressed by relevant departments. In addition, some people hold the simple idea of just be useful, and think why dont we try such a low-cost and effective method with so many patients waiting for treatment. For a while, the debate about whether Li Yuehua is a doctor or a staff became heated.

Up to now, it is hard to say whether Li Yuehuas treatment has caused substantial harm to patients. Due to the short time, he had limited contact with patients, and had no great impact on the local situation. However, due to the advocacy of some self media, the various debates caused by him not only cause unnecessary waste for the public opinion place, but also split the consensus.

In this context, the Comprehensive Supervision Bureau of Hubei Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission intervened in the investigation, responded to the publics concerns with a detailed and meticulous investigation report, revealed the true face of the miracle doctor in Lushan, and solved the doubts for the people in time, which is worthy of affirmation.

The curative effect depends on one mouth

According to the investigation report, Li Yuehua is suspected of forging, altering, buying and selling doctors practice certificate, false propaganda, illegal practice of medicine during the epidemic.

And his five out of ten thousand phenol injection is not only unlicensed, but also a high-risk toxic chemical. That is to say, through the official preliminary investigation, the World War I famous doctor has been cool .

Now, due to close contact with the confirmed patients, Li Yuehua has been concentrated and isolated by the local authorities. In an interview with the cover news, the so-called miracle doctor who injected magic medicine without protection finally put on a mask.

In fact, in addition to being officially identified as fake medical qualifications, the miracle doctor who claims to have graduated from a Military Medical University has also been skinned by alumni, suspected of academic fraud.

Besides, the myth novel coronavirus pneumonia cured 9 cases is not tenable. According to the cover story, many of the so-called cured patients provided by Li Yuehua are still in hospital.

The education background is false, the identity is fabricated, the medicine is not approved, and the curative effect depends on one mouth. The answer whether Li Yuehua is a miracle doctor or a miracle stick has long been coming.

u25b2 screenshot of netizens message.

Its time to Disenchantment folk doctors

In recent years, Li Yuehuas three board axe has not been much brilliant after he has experienced successive miraculous doctors. However, it is treacherous that even now that he has been completely robbed by all parties, many people still believe in him.

At its root, it is nothing more than the surging epidemic that gives him a chance to take advantage of. It is undeniable that at the beginning of the epidemic, due to the shortage of local medical resources in Wuhan, many people were not admitted in time.

The so-called emergency medical treatment, at this time, a doctor who is said to be effective by word of mouth, even can come to provide treatment services - for some local patients, it is undoubtedly the same existence of saving lives and benefactors.

In fact, in the interview, some patients who have proved that their treatment is ineffective still feel grateful for it. In some of the self-Media articles that Li Yuehua once played for, a large number of netizens expressed their indignation at his isolation, everyone is innocent and bears the blame, there is a free will to serve the country, but what is the official battle.

This is exactly what Li Yuehuas slogan of miracle doctor actually takes advantage of epidemic to rob: for patients, he thinks he has met life-saving Bodhisattva. However, in fact, the other party has already joined the net to wait for him, and the people who speak to the doctor are benevolent and actually seek for money and life. For ordinary people, the birth of a miracle doctor has confused the public opinion field, to a certain extent, split the consensus, and many people have again I was taxed on my IQ.

The Li Yuehua incident reminded relevant departments that even though the current epidemic situation, we cannot ignore the chaos of some clowns fishing in troubled waters to interfere with the epidemic situation. Only by putting supervision ahead and strengthening qualification examination, can we completely cut off the source of their agitation.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has not been effective for more than one time, including authoritative organizations including who. In fact, any kind of therapy needs scientific and rigorous medical argumentation, expecting the so-called folk doctor and magic medicine to turn the tide and expose a kind of ignorance.

And three no doctors are isolated to those who cover their ears is not listening once again a lesson: its time to Disenchantment the folk doctors.

Dr. Li, who treated director Chen, was found to have cured 9 patients with new crown

Li Yuehua is the novel coronavirus pneumonia specialist in Hanyang. Because Chen Beiyangs apology letter said, Dr. Li cured their family of three new crown pneumonia, Li Yuehua has attracted much attention. Shortly after Chen Beiyangs letter of apology was sent out, Li Yuehua began to publish a message on the Internet, saying: director Chen is telling the truth.. He also introduced himself novel coronavirus pneumonia for 15 patients, 9 of whom were cured.