Shanghai Media: CBA foreign aid transfer to European basketball may not be a good choice

 Shanghai Media: CBA foreign aid transfer to European basketball may not be a good choice

On March 1, Tianjin mens basketball team officially announced the termination of its contract with foreign aid Randall and expressed its blessing for its upcoming NBA career. It is reported that many NBA teams have extended olive branch to the American point guard who once played in Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks, but the latter can only return to the NBA after obtaining the clarification letter from the parent Team Tianjin. Previously, there was news that Tianjin team would not let go. No matter what the facts, Tianjin team is undoubtedly making progress now.

Randall is not the first foreign aid to leave CBA after the outbreak, but most of them will choose Europe as the next stop - Shenzhen defender bykes signed Greek giants Olympiacos. New Zealand International Webster, who joined Guangxia in the middle of this season, transferred to krasnoyaska in the Russian league. Thompson in the northern control line was reported to be close to Zaragoza, the Spanish team Sloan, who failed to make his debut this season as an alternative foreign aid for the northern control team, signed a contract with Bundesligas Bonn Telecom. Most of the foreign players who left the team played in the middle and lower CBA teams, with the only exception of Harris, a Shandong foreign player who went to Israel to play, but the American guard was replaced only in a regular season game at the end of January this season, and has remained in Shandong as an alternative foreign aid.

Its not hard to understand the departure of foreign aid. Because of the short period of CBA, many players will go to Europe to play another job after the end of the league. However, with the suspension of the league, many foreign aid plans have been disrupted. However, from the standpoint of CBA teams, it is also unrealistic to allow foreign aid to leave the team temporarily and return to the team after the league is restored. After all, now all the teams and foreign aid sign guarantee contracts. If foreign aid is injured during this period, how to calculate the loss of the club and who will bear it will become a question. In order to deal with this situation, CBA has adopted a special policy. All foreign aid changes due to the suspension of the League will not be included in the four foreign aid changes of each team during the regular season.

However, plans sometimes fail to keep up with changes. With the emergence of novel coronavirus pneumonia in many European countries, more and more basketball matches are affected and are also facing delays or lockout. Yabusele, who recently returned to France from his contract with Xi, has now signed with the French giants axwell. However, affected by the epidemic, some of the French league matches were postponed, and the affected teams included the Little Bear team, the French interior line loved by Chinese fans was once again in a dilemma of no ball to play.

A similar situation occurred in the Korean KBL League, which was deeply affected by the epidemic. Originally, the League took an empty field competition. Later, a passenger was diagnosed in the hotel where KCC players live. All competitions were forced to be interrupted from yesterday. When to resume depends on the development of the epidemic. However, when the KBL League was not suspended, many foreign players had chosen to leave. Among them, murens and Durham, two foreign aid of Busan KT team, have not even terminated their contract with the team or informed the teams intention to leave the team. They left before last Thursdays regular season, which triggered a discussion on the professional ethics of players in South Korea.

Author: Xie Xiaotian