Listen! This is the confidence from the front line of war epidemic

 Listen! This is the confidence from the front line of war epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a firm and confident leader. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC, emphasized the importance of confidence in winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control in the important speech of coordinating the work of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development.

What we do with our efforts is invincible. More than 330 medical teams and 40000 medical personnel were sent to Wuhan and Hubei. Zheng Xiaoli, 31, is one of more than 40000 people. She comes from the national emergency medical rescue (Fujian) team to support the Hubei medical team. At present, she works as a hospital sense nurse in Wuhan Hanyang square cabin hospital. She said: the general secretary requests to attach great importance to the protection, care and love of medical personnel. Our hospital staffs responsibility is to ensure the safety of front-line medical staff and relevant staff, and prevent them from being infected.

Zheng Xiaoli said that in Hanyang square cabin hospital, before and after medical staff and cleaning and security personnel enter and leave the cabin, they need to pass through four areas: buffer room, pollution room, semi pollution room and clean area. Each area is equipped with special hospital sense personnel to guide and help the staff in and out of the cabin to do a good job in protection and disinfection.

After high-intensity work, many front-line comrades are unable to carefully and accurately remove the protective equipment according to the hospital sense requirements. For example, some people forget what to take off first; some people forget to take off the mask and cannot touch the outside of the mask; some people take off the mask and take off the protective clothing too quickly At this time, we need to remind them and help them. Zheng Xiaoli said, once, a doctor was very nervous when he went out for the first time, his hands were shaking all the time, and he even forgot how to take off the protective equipment. I comforted her and said, dont be nervous, take your time, I will remind you how to finish step by step. Im sure she wont be so nervous the second time and will be able to calm down and get out of the cabin.

Pan Kai, an electric worker of Wuhan power supply company, is a special volunteer in the war. Graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology, he won the individual and group champion of the maintenance electrician team project in the Hubei professional staff skills competition in 2017, and was known as the best maintenance electrician in Hubei. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was admitted to Wuhan Zhuankou shelter hospital in February 18th. Fortunately, his symptoms are mild.

u25b3 pan Kai repairs the circuit in Wuhan Zhuankou fangcang hospital

One side has support from all sides. The medical staff who helped us are from Chongqing. The fruits, meals and even the goggles we used to sleep in the hospital are all supported by other provinces. I feel the care of the society for us and the infinite power of the country. Pankai said, in order to win the prevention and control of the epidemic, the party and the state have formulated very good policies. The key is to implement these policies through everyones efforts.. The honor I have received in the past is from the society. I will do my best to give back to the society. As long as everyone does his or her own thing well and does every little detail well, I believe we can win

General secretary Xi Jinping said novel coronavirus pneumonia inevitably has a great impact on the economy and society. The more at this time, the more comprehensive, dialectical and long-term perspective we need to take on Chinas development, the more we need to strengthen confidence and firm confidence. On the whole, the fundamentals of Chinas long-term economic growth have not changed, and the impact of the epidemic is short-term and generally controllable.

Resumption of work is to stabilize employment and resumption of production is to stabilize the economy. We cant wait for the time to catch up with the lost homework and snatch back the delayed time - the government is acting, the enterprise is acting, and the individual is acting.

In the waiting hall of Xuzhou station, the staff gave masks to the miners who were about to leave. Feng Kaisheng, a miner, held up his mobile phone to take photos everywhere. He said he would send the photos to his family to have a look and reassure them: its not convenient for the car now. If the government can send a car to pick us up, we should hurry up to make money.

Duan Shiwen, a miner, wrote down his wish: family and national prosperity. In 2020, my biggest wish is for the country to overcome the epidemic, he said. Only when the country is good can everyone be good, which is our greatest wish.

Wear masks, stagger time periods, go up in batches Anling Township tea maintenance and picking work in order. Yin Jun not only called on all tea cooperatives to buy tea farmers tea in a timely manner, but also debugged the tea making machine ahead of time, storing healthy local tea merchants, and actively developing new ways of zero to meet transactions to enrich the channels for tea sales.

The general secretary said that the fundamentals of long-term economic growth have not changed, and the impact of the epidemic is short-term, Yin said. I am more convinced that the difficulties are temporary and I have confidence in the development of anling tea.

u25b3 tea farmers are picking tea in anling Township, Taizhou, Zhejiang

General secretary Xi Jinping said: I believe that the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the remarkable advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, the strong mobilization capability and the comprehensive strength, and the unity and struggle of the whole party, the army and the people of all ethnic groups in China, we will be able to overcome this epidemic situation, and will certainly maintain the good momentum of economic and social development in China and achieve the goal of victory and completion in a small scale. The goal and task of building a healthy society and overcoming poverty.

I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea. Let us firmly believe that we will win. When spring is warm and flowers are blooming and the Yangtze River is crossing, we can see Chu Tianshu!

Supervised by Wang Shanshan and Zhang ou

Today is my 22nd day in Wuhan. Today, an aunt in our shelter hospital gave me a waist patch. She said, you stand to work every day, hard! It will be more comfortable to stick this. We are confident to win the battle!

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