Five departments: small and medium-sized micro enterprise loans to implement temporary deferred repayment of principal and interest to make special arrangements in Hubei

 Five departments: small and medium-sized micro enterprise loans to implement temporary deferred repayment of principal and interest to make special arrangements in Hubei

The person in charge pointed out that this policy emphasizes precise support, focusing on helping small and medium-sized micro enterprises (including small and micro enterprise owners, individual businesses) with normal operation in the early stage, temporary difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, and good prospects for development, without one size fits all.

About the specific operation process, the person in charge introduced that, first of all, the enterprises affected by the epidemic put forward the application for loan extension and repayment of principal and interest, and banking financial institutions should open various application channels for enterprises, such as offline and online. Secondly, the bank should accept the application of the enterprise in time, objectively evaluate the situation of the enterprise affected by the epidemic situation and its operation, reply to the application within a time limit, and give the enterprise a certain period of extension arrangement.

In addition, for a few small and medium-sized micro and micro enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic, with a long recovery cycle and good prospects for development, if the enterprises have a longer-term loan extension repayment demand, banking financial institutions can negotiate with the enterprises to determine another extension arrangement according to the actual situation.

In addition, the circular made special arrangements for Hubei.

First, expand the coverage of policies. All kinds of enterprises (including large-scale enterprises) in Hubei can enjoy the policy of temporary extension of repayment of principal and interest. Second, give special support. Banking financial institutions shall provide special credit scale for Hubei Province, implement preferential internal fund transfer pricing, and strive to reduce the comprehensive financing cost of inclusive small and micro enterprises by more than 1 percentage point compared with the average level of the previous year in 2020. The person in charge said.

In order to promote the implementation of delayed repayment of principal and interest, the regulatory, monetary, fiscal and tax policies will be followed up in succession, and relevant supporting support will be provided.

In terms of regulatory policies, for loans with temporary delayed repayment of principal and interest from January 25 to June 30, banking financial institutions should adhere to the substantive risk judgment, not reduce the loan risk classification due to epidemic factors, and not affect the credit records of enterprises.

After the enterprises return to work and production, after a period of normal operation, if these enterprises still fail to pay the principal and interest on time and normally, the loans that should be considered as bad should be considered as bad. The person in charge stressed.

In terms of financial policy, the financial departments at all levels should give a reasonable evaluation to the operation assessment of the state-owned holding and participating banking financial institutions in 2020, taking full account of the special factors of responding to the epidemic situation and serving small and medium-sized micro enterprises.

In response to the problem of how to prevent risks during the implementation of the policy, the head of relevant departments of the CIRC replied that the banking financial institutions should make special statistics and close monitoring on the temporary delayed repayment of principal and interest loans, and deal with the substantial changes in the business operation during the loan period in a timely manner. At the same time, we should improve the application of anti fraud model and promote the joint prevention of information sharing. In case of fraud and other illegal behaviors, the financing support shall be stopped immediately, and the moral hazard shall be effectively prevented and controlled by reporting credit investigation, litigation and other disciplinary measures.