Zhejiang team is in urgent need of Tony! Wu Qian: the hair will soon be tied up

 Zhejiang team is in urgent need of Tony! Wu Qian: the hair will soon be tied up

The mens basketball team of Zhejiang Chouzhou bank started its formal training from the fourth day of junior high school, and has continued to this day. Every day, they train twice in the Binjiang gymnasium. After the gymnasium is closed to the society, they still dont stop practicing. Anyway, during this period, they are the only visitors who will come to the gymnasium. In the hotel where they are stationed, they do a good job of unified protection and unified bus access, which is equivalent to self closure. Players will wear masks when entering and leaving the stadium. Team doctors will carefully use 84 disinfectant water to disinfect the team buses and the stadium.

On Saturday, the reporter went to watch the daily training of the mens basketball team of Zhejiang Chouzhou bank. Liu Weiwei, the coach, told the reporter that no one can be sure when the CBA will start and what the match system will be changed at that time. What the team can do is: do yourself well, train carefully and be ready for the game. For the quality of training, he still has very high requirements. After a training match, he should immediately summarize several key points for the players to pay attention to.

The reporter once came to see a training when the team just finished their vacation. Now its nearly a month. Many players have changed. Many people have become stronger obviously. Especially the players who looked thinner before, after a months training, their arms and thighs have been hung with some meat. But ask them, have you become stronger and heavier in this period? One by one did not admit that their weight did not change.

The other change of players is that most of their hairstyles become quite elegant after a months neglect. When they run on the court, they all become men in general.

In the past, the microblog once talked about the simple appearance of the male star who doesnt shave his hair and beard. In fact, the players are also in this state.

In this period of time, Wu Qian didnt shave his head or beard. At a glance, he could see the blue and black of his lips. The long bangs almost covered his eyes. During the training, Wu Qian played with his long hair on his forehead, which could make a little braid.

Just before the CBA off-season, Wu Qian had just made a style of pulling wind for himself, not only cutting his hair, but also cutting the hair on the ear side, shaving out a pattern like lightning. After cutting that haircut, I havent had my hair. Now its black. I cant see any patterns. He told reporters with a smile that if his hair grows this long, he might actually tie it up and play ball.

When Wu Qian lamented that he needed a Tony teacher, someone nearby gave him advice: buy a haircut, push it. And there are many players who have long hair problems like him. The reporter suggested that they could help each other and cut for their teammates.

As a result, the players all said, no! It seems that they dont trust their teammates hairdressing skills, so they can only keep their hair growing.