Improve the efficiency of control and hand over the qualified answer sheet in the epidemic examination

 Improve the efficiency of control and hand over the qualified answer sheet in the epidemic examination

Emergency management is an important part of national governance system and governance capacity. After a series of major emergencies, such as 1998 flood, 2003 SARS and 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Chinas emergency response and resistance to major disasters have been greatly improved, which has also been reflected to a certain extent in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In China, novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control, which is a war without smoke, has been increasingly improved, governance bodies have been extensively involved, and governance measures have been innovated constantly, which vividly illustrates the progress of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The institutional advantages of concentrating on major events, the increasingly perfect grid management, and the accumulated scientific research strength are becoming the powerful weapons of the war.

Epidemic prevention and control is a complex and systematic project, involving all localities, all departments, all fronts and everyone. Only by sticking to the whole countrys unity of play, taking into account the overall planning, coordination and linkage, and forming a pattern of prevention and control work that both performs their duties and closely cooperates with each other, can we give full play to the advantages of the national governance system and governance capacity, and lay a solid foundation for winning the prevention and control of the epidemic. It can be seen that the fight against the epidemic is not in Wuhan or Hubei alone, but in China as a whole. All provinces are responsible for contract work and Counterpart Assistance, medical staff are working all night, huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals are completed quickly, and numerous enterprises are working overtime for material support From the city to the countryside, from the inland to the border, all localities, departments, all fronts and everyone moved quickly, showing once again the super power of concentrating on major events.

The foundation is not solid and the earth is shaking. The grass-roots level is the center of social governance and the ruling foundation of the party. The vitality of grass-roots governance provides a solid foundation for the response to the epidemic test and a strong support for the governance of China. In this epidemic prevention and control, grid management has played an important role, and the grass-roots social governance in China has burst out strong energy. In the countryside, we use loudspeakers to publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention, make protective reminders in the form of banners and slogans and Doggerels, and provide villagers with services such as temperature measurement, respirator equipment, house disinfection, etc All kinds of measures effectively reduce the flow of people and realize the physical blocking of virus transmission to the greatest extent. In cities, communities are the living communities of the common people, the first line of joint prevention and control of epidemics, and the most effective defense line against external input and internal proliferation. From the owners committee, residents committee, property management company, volunteers to every community resident, everyone participates and fulfills their responsibilities, so as to build a tight defense line of mass prevention and mass governance.

At present, through hard work, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is expanding, and the number of new confirmed cases and suspected cases in the whole country is on the decline. The results are gratifying, but we must also clearly see that the shortcomings and shortcomings exposed in the epidemic examination can not be ignored.

For example, in some places, its hard to say how accurate the policy is. Once the cap of strict prevention and control is put on, all the return trips from other places are refused. There are many obstacles to return to work and production. Behind the excessive prevention and control behavior, there is actually a lack of responsibility. Some local officials have a floating style, and even the most basic epidemic prevention situation is ask three dont know, which is hard to trust. Some places invest in the construction of smart city With a total investment of 100 million yuan, there is no such basic function as online booking mask and online admission registration We must attach great importance to these shortcomings and solve them.

The epidemic is a big test of Chinas governance system and capacity, and an opportunity to improve the modernization level of the national governance system and capacity. At present, the epidemic situation is still severe and complex, and prevention and control is in the most arduous critical stage. We should not only focus on the present situation, calmly think about it, comprehensively examine it and make in-depth summary, take problems and objectives as the guidance, focus on strengthening the foundation, promoting the advantages, making up for weaknesses and strengths, and hand in qualified responses in the epidemic examination, but also take a long-term view, deeply implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, establish a more comprehensive system and mechanism for major epidemic prevention and control, and form a more refined and more comprehensive system Efficient emergency response system, building a comprehensive community of social governance, and constantly improving the efficiency of social governance.