Want to win 5-0 at Bernabeu! 240 days later, Barcelonas embarrassment disappeared

 Want to win 5-0 at Bernabeu! 240 days later, Barcelonas embarrassment disappeared

Previous situation review:

Barcelona talent appeared in the Nou Camp and said: I want to win 5-0 at the Bernabeu!!

Under the 433 system of Barca, de Jong appeared in the position of left center forward. From the perspective of heat map, Derong mainly plays on the left side of the front court, in addition, he often appears in front of his own restricted area. For the two forbidden areas, de Jong is totally lack of influence.

From the data, we can see how hard it is for Derong to play. In 90 minutes, Derong passes 62 times. The 92% success rate is good, but the key pass is only once, that is the 75 minutes for Messi to send a single straight shot. In other times, de Jongs passing is basically anglobal.

At both ends of attack and defense, de Rong has little influence. In terms of attack, Derong has played all over the field and scored 0 goals. He has only twice passed others and lost the ball right eight times. In terms of defense, Derong has been successful in 5 confrontations and 3 confrontations, but failed in 2 contests. Derong didnt break through and block the shot, and the number of interceptions was only one.

Will de Jongs current situation remind Barcelona fans of Andre Gomez? When he joined Barcelona, Andriy Gomez had a golden ball clause in his contract, and the Portuguese was once highly expected. But golfer can not adapt to the Barcelona system, he has been lack of confidence, he will always jog at a constant speed on the field and always cross back. After the collapse of confidence, Gomes was finally swept out by Barcelona and sold half to Everton.

Todays de Jong is suspected to have the symptoms of Andre Gomez. If the Portuguese problem is lack of confidence, then the problem of De Jong is lack of ideal positioning. Not long ago, de Jong frankly pointed out that he did not play in Barcelona habitual position. Both in Ajax and Holland, de Jong is in charge of organizing the tandem under the double back system, which is his most used playing method.

In the Barcelona system, Busquets is the number one player with a single back waist. Barca does not play the double back waist tactics at all, nor does it allow de Jong to play in the double 4 position. In the Baldwin era, de Jong was placed on both sides of the avant-garde position. In the era of sertien, de Jong was even required to be a point grabbing B2B midfielder. At that time, AJAX manager Teng hahe pointed out that Barca had used de Jong wrong.

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