War epidemic action needs equal light

 War epidemic action needs equal light

On earth, all nations, races and nations are equal before the right to life. No matter in which country, peoples life safety and health should be maintained and guaranteed. No matter in which country, racial discrimination and stigmatization cannot be tolerated or tolerated. This is a special time when compassion and empathy need to cross national boundaries, races, nations and shine. All countries have the obligation to maintain the life safety and health of their own people, as well as the life safety and health of other people, and contribute to global public health and safety. This is the meaning of building an open and inclusive community of shared future for mankind.

To treat each other equally is the way of justice. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has always adhered to the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, in an open, transparent and responsible manner, shared information with who and the international community in a timely manner, actively responded to the concerns of all parties, strengthened international cooperation and prevented the spread of the epidemic in the world. China has taken the most comprehensive, strict and thorough prevention and control measures to gain precious time to defeat the epidemic. According to the data model provided by some who cooperation experts, Chinas measures to control the flow of people delayed the spread of the epidemic in China for two to three days, and the spread of the epidemic outside China for two to three weeks. Chinas hitherto unknown novel coronavirus pneumonia, Bruce Elward, senior director of the WHO director general, regrets that the unprecedented public health response measures China has avoided or at least delayed hundreds of thousands of new crown pneumonia cases. To do ones own thing well, to stick to altruistic righteousness and to face the world with an equal heart is Chinas action, standing on the top of morality.

Equal cooperation is the key to success. Public health and safety are the common challenges facing mankind, which need to be tackled by all countries. General secretary Xi Jinpings statement has become an international consensus. Fighting against virus is a fight for humans right to life. The more critical it is to overcome difficulties, the more we need to look at each other with an equal and inclusive perspective, gather the will to unite and work together, and enhance the cooperation strength of equality and mutual benefit. China continues to expand international and regional cooperation, maintain good communication with who, share epidemic prevention experience with relevant countries, and strengthen international cooperation in research and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines. The novel coronavirus pneumonia and other major public health events need the collective wisdom and cooperation of all mankind, highlighting the importance of building a community of human destiny. Martin alblow, one of the first scholars who proposed the concept of globalization, an academician of the British Academy of Social Sciences, called for universal attention from the international community, and countries should show their due responsibilities.

War epidemic action needs equal light. Only by upholding the way of justice, upholding the beauty of human nature and forging the instrument of victory can we continue to open up a bright future for human society.