Can it become a trend for some hot pot stores in Chengdu to restore the public chopsticks and instant boiled tripe?

 Can it become a trend for some hot pot stores in Chengdu to restore the public chopsticks and instant boiled tripe?

On March 1, a field visit by Red Star News reporters found that some hot pot and string shops in Chengdu had resumed serving. When the restaurants are open for business, they have taken preventive and control measures such as temperature measurement, disinfection and eating in separate places.

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Some restaurants have begun to use public chopsticks

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control in Sichuan province held in the ninth press conference in February 27th, the Chengdu food and Beverage Association introduced the recycling guide of Chengdu catering enterprises in Sichuan. The hot pot restaurants can take consumers separate tables to eat, and increase the distance between diners.

At noon on March 1, the reporter came to Zanhua at No. 8, Qingjiang East Road. Before entering the door, the reporter saw the billboard at the door with the words string of Hall Food + take out. Just after 11 oclock, there was no one in the lobby, and several waiters were preparing dishes. A shop assistant told reporters that at this time, the number of customers in the shop has started to increase, but now there is no one at noon. Currently, there are only 4 or 5 tables of food in the shop every day, but even so, the prevention and control work is still not relaxed, only someone entering the shop, must first take the temperature at the door to detoxify. Said the clerk.

Later, the reporter came to the Bazi hotpot shop in Western Sichuan, which is also located in the East Qingjiang road. At the end of the month, the restaurant has resumed its food. The hot pot shop has set up a welcome platform in front of the door, where one of the clerks will keep watch, measure the temperature and disinfect for each diner entering the shop, and remind the diner to put on the mask. On the other side of the store door, there is a recycling bucket of discarded masks. According to the shop assistant, in order to do a good job in prevention and control, the shop carries out three times of killing work every day. In addition, after eating, the shop assistant will disinfect the corresponding area. In the shop, there should be no more than 3 diners per table according to the form of dining in separate places.

I met seven or eight people who came to eat here before, but now we have a special period, so we can only refuse to receive them. But in fact, if you dont have to sit together, you can eat at multiple small tables in the store. The shop assistant told reporters that at present, there are more than 10 diners in the shop every day, with fewer guests, and only half of the staff at work.

Later, the reporter came to niuzhui hotpot restaurant, which is located in Chunxi Road and just recovered from the restaurant yesterday. The shop has a long table in front of it. According to the shop assistant, this is for the convenience of taking out the food. On the one hand, if a diner wants to enter the shop, he can also take a temperature test and disinfect here.

There are only 28 tables in our store, but we are worried about the number of people every day, so when it reaches 50%, we will give the diner a meal number. When the number arrives, we will call the diner to have dinner. Zhuo Chao, head of niuzhuo hotpot restaurant, told reporters that since it is now in the epidemic period and advocates the use of public chopsticks, the restaurant has provided an extra pair of public chopsticks and a plate for each table for customers to use.

In addition, in order to do a good job in disinfection, the tableware in the store will be sterilized with special disinfectant powder, and then put into the disinfection cabinet for secondary sterilization, and then put on the table.

Hot pot with chopsticks: a new trend? No soul?

Agree: the public chopsticks are clean, and the trade union will continue to advocate after the epidemic

In the special period, everyone pays more attention to personal hygiene. During the visit, the reporter saw that many diners would add a pair of chopsticks in the hot pot shop. This is a special time. Although I want to go out to eat hot pot with my friends, I still need to pay attention to it. For Ma Jiazhao, who hasnt eaten hot pot for more than a month, public chopsticks are necessary for eating hot pot in special period. They are not only safe and hygienic, but also for everyones consideration.

For those who love clean food, eating hot pot with public chopsticks is more reassuring and comfortable. Im a bit of a cleaner. Every time I eat hot pot, its uncomfortable to see everyone put their chopsticks in to take food. Ms. Liu said that no matter who she eats with, she cant accept others private chopsticks for her. She can use public chopsticks for others dishes, and she usually needs a pair of public chopsticks for hot pot.

Earlier, novel coronavirus pneumonia was introduced in Berlin by the president of the Chengdu food and Beverage Association. The initiative to raise the public chopsticks mother spoon under the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation has great positive significance and is conducive to improving epidemic prevention and health awareness among the public and catering operators. In his opinion, the use of chopsticks and spoons is not only the need of epidemic prevention and public health, but also a sign of the improvement of national cultural quality.

Not only that, in the view of diner Zhao Min, the addition of chopsticks makes the hot pot more ceremonious. In the past, eating hotpot felt like fighting. Everyone was fighting for food in one pot. If we use public chopsticks, it would be much better. He said.

Objection: using public chopsticks loses human feelings and is too troublesome

When a family, relatives or friends go to a hot pot restaurant, if they use public chopsticks, they will feel alienated, and will also cause discomfort to others, which makes people think that I dislike him, or someone will directly joke that I am not ill. Eat at ease.

Some people think that its too much trouble to use public chopsticks to eat hot pot. They prefer to dip them in the material and eat directly. Its hot, spicy and hemp, which is the taste of hot pot. Without this, there is no soul of hot pot.

In the interview, more people thought it was a personal habit. I prefer to use a leaky spoon, not a public chopstick. Ms. Zhang, a hotpot enthusiast, said that some people have formed a habit of eating directly, while some people pay more attention to it. They need to use public chopsticks, but it depends on everyones situation. After all, eating is a relaxing thing.

But for Ms. Zhang, she thinks its troublesome to change hands, and its not natural to use them. She puts them into her mouth when she has a dish in it. Its difficult to distinguish between public chopsticks and private chopsticks. The leaky spoon can be used with the left hand and is not easy to be confused.