80 Chinese citizens are being abused in isolation in Russia? Untrue

 80 Chinese citizens are being abused in isolation in Russia? Untrue

Recently, with the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the pressure of epidemic prevention in Russia is increasing. Previously, Russia proposed to our Embassy that the embassy assist in persuading Chinese students who are still in China to postpone their return to school after March 2. On February 14, our library issued a notice that students from Russia would like to defer returning to school in accordance with the relevant requirements of Russia. However, thousands of international students still insist on returning to school, and Russia feels that the epidemic situation is very serious. According to the Russian epidemic prevention regulations, the overseas students are long-term residents in Russia. After arriving in Russia, they need to be isolated in their places of residence for 14 days. This regulation is applicable to all national personnel. The staff of embassies and consulates who have returned to Russia from home consciously implement the Russian regulations on 14 days of isolation, and do not go to work until the isolation period is over and their health is confirmed.

With a large number of Chinese citizens entering Russia, the Russian side believes that the risk of epidemic import is increasing, so further measures are taken to temporarily restrict the entry of Chinese citizens holding work, private visit, study and tourism visas from February 20. The temporary epidemic prevention measures taken by Russia for epidemic prevention and control should be respected. The embassy has repeatedly called on Chinese citizens to enter the country in accordance with the Russian epidemic prevention regulations and consciously isolate them in their places of residence for 14 days.

After the Moscow municipal government took a series of strict epidemic prevention measures, our library has done a lot of work through the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs, the Russian consumer protection and public welfare supervision agency (the competent department of epidemic prevention), the Moscow municipal government, etc. Russia has repeatedly stressed that the measures taken are not only aimed at Chinese citizens. During its work, the embassy noted that Russian law enforcement authorities had also carried out anti epidemic inspections on its own citizens and citizens of other countries, and its staff had been questioned when they went on the streets. It is understood that law enforcement officers in Moscow generally enforce the law in a standardized way, and they will be released after checking their passports and confirming their entry for more than 14 days. If Chinese citizens encounter excessive law enforcement or unfair treatment, please report to the embassy truthfully. Our library will earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

Through inspection, the Moscow municipal government concentrated 80 Chinese citizens suspected of violating the self isolation regulations in designated places such as the charizino Rehabilitation Center for isolation. The consular officers of the embassy went to visit and send food, fruits and other consolations and necessities, and asked Russia to take all measures to provide good isolation and living conditions. It is understood that there is a basic guarantee of life in the isolation site. The overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Education Department of the embassy keep close communication with the heads of the competent departments of the Russian Federation and the local government, understand the legal basis and specific facts of the punishment of 80 Chinese citizens one by one, contact with the hotline of the isolated personnel, appease their emotions, provide necessary consular services and legal assistance, and follow up the progress of some cases of the sentenced citizens and the trial of appeals.

On February 27, the embassy issued a notice that if Chinese citizens living in isolation do need living security, they can contact the Embassy at any time, and our embassy will provide necessary assistance. At the same time, our library once again reminds them not to go out.

Russian law enforcement agencies severely punish all those who violate the epidemic prevention regulations, including Russian citizens. Recently, a Russian female citizen of St. Petersburg escaped from the isolation area without permission, and was forcibly taken back to the isolation area by the police and punished according to law. The embassy reminded all Chinese citizens not to spread rumors, believe in them or spread them.

Once again, the embassy reminded Chinese citizens to strictly abide by the anti epidemic provisions of the Russian side. In case of any difficulties or unfair treatment in Russia, please contact the embassy as soon as possible.

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