What are the college students doing under the epidemic situation, and what is the effect of online courses?

 What are the college students doing under the epidemic situation, and what is the effect of online courses?

It is reported that there are nearly 3000 universities and 40 million college students in China, including 8.74 million graduates in 2020. In order to better understand the learning and living conditions of College Students under the epidemic situation, the author recently conducted a semi-structured interview with hundreds of alumni and teachers from Wuhan University, Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology, Beijing University of technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Hainan University, Wuchang Institute of technology and other universities. Now combined with the interview content of the author, the preliminary analysis is as follows:

1u3001 The main activity track of home study and life of College Students

According to the tiktok interview, the current college students home life is mainly composed of the following events: 1. online courses; 2. writing papers; 3. preparing postgraduate reexamination; 4. self learning professional courses; 5. playing games; 6. reading novels; 7. brushing, micro-blog, WeChat, etc.; 8. catching up (net play on TV); 9. watching TV; 10. playing cards or mahjong; 11. doing housework; and talking with Kwai and family members. 14. Pay attention to the change of epidemic situation and read relevant observation or review articles. Based on this, we can easily find that:

Activities 1-4 focus on personal growth and development. Among them, the online course is an online teaching activity carried out by colleges and universities around the world in combination with the existing training plans of each major since the Ministry of education called for no suspension of classes, no suspension of teaching, which is especially evident in the non current graduates of universities such as freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Writing papers and preparing for the postgraduate retest are mainly for the current senior students. Graduation is on the way, and completing graduation papers is the necessary prerequisite for their successful graduation. Some of the students who take the postgraduate entrance examination are currently preparing for the postgraduate retest at home. A small number of active and self-discipline students are making full use of their time at home to learn professional related or interested courses.

Most of the students in the survey reported that most of the students were not interested in or even drowsy during the classroom teaching of many courses in school. At present, the online courses are changed, lacking basic supervision and effective constraints, and the effect of online courses is general. With the development of online courses, the new word students with learning difficulties in online courses has also appeared on the Internet. The typical expression is: the Internet speed is not good in class, without a camera, the whole staff will close the wheat as soon as they ask questions, eat snacks in class, lie in bed, and sometimes the voice of King glory comes..

The fifth to the tenth activities take leisure and entertainment at home as the general state. The tiktok has become the most frequent word in many recreational activities, followed by the brush, the micro-blog, the Kwai, WeChat.

According to a recent group of holiday game data, the peak dau (number of active users per day) of glory of the king is between 120-150 million, and the peak dau of peace elite is between 80-100 million, both of which have reached a record high. Most of the users of these two games are young students, especially college students. According to one of the interviewees, his cousin is currently a sophomore in a university in Wuhan. At home, he usually wakes up naturally after two meals a day. He refuses to wake up during the day. He plays all night at night, eats and plays. He is very lazy and casual, and also very empty According to the feedback of many interviewees, the working and rest time of their home life is extremely irregular.

Activities 11-13 focus on daily family life. According to the interviewees, in addition to personal growth affairs and recreational activities, the rest of the time is mainly about chatting with family members, doing housework, walking after meals and other specific trivial and rich family life. It is worth mentioning that many students mentioned tutoring their younger brothers and sisters, relatives and neighbors children to do homework, and the internal family mentoring is very important. In addition, in family life, do housework has become the key word of many students home life. According to a number of interviewees: this time I have been home for so long, my parents are at home, and I am not in a hurry to go back to school. There are more people sitting and chatting together than ever before. At least I can sit down and talk!

The fourteenth activity is to pay attention to the current situation of the epidemic situation and read relevant observation or review articles. To pay attention to the current situation of the epidemic and the related epidemic prevention and control work around the country is helpful to cultivate the sense of participation in public affairs and social responsibility of contemporary college students.

2u3001 Three typical cases: Wuhan students buy masks and group dishes for their families

My cousin is 24 years old. His hometown is in Shangcai rural area, Henan Province. He is currently studying in Changshu Institute of technology and is a senior this year. At present, I am going to take an entrance examination of World War II. During the period of staying at home, I mainly do the following things: first, prepare for the new years postgraduate examination independently; second, tutor another cousin who is studying in senior one; third, play cards at home; fourth, play games by one person; fifth, walk and chat with my family after supper; sixth, accompany my grandparents to the theatre; seventh, plant three trees (evergreen, pear and osmanthus); Eighth, help grandma play cards Water; nine is to pick up eggs; ten is to clean up the house.

Mr. Huang, who lives in Huangpi rural area of Wuhan, has changed from a village to a community. Studied at Zhongnan University of economics and Law (Wuhan), this years junior year. Compared with other non key epidemic areas such as Henan and Anhui, Wuhan is the core area of key epidemic areas, with confirmed cases occurring nearby. Therefore, compared with the closed management state of tight outside and loose inside in other areas, villages (communities) in Wuhan are currently in a strict closed management state. According to the introduction, Mr. Huang mainly does four things at home at present: first, online class and homework; second, to understand the purchasing channels for the family to buy vegetables, masks, disinfectants and other living materials and protection materials and participate in group buying; third, to persuade the family to do a good job in protection; fourth, to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic and participate in the public discussion of key public opinions, such as the event of Li Wenliang, the adjustment of Wen Li Han channel 17, Fang Fang Fang diaries, etc On.

Classmate Li, who lives in a community in Huangpi, Wuhan, is studying in Huazhong Agricultural University. He is a senior this year and is going to graduate school. According to the introduction: this year is in the graduation grade, there is no online class, graduation thesis to do experiments, there is no way at home. Specific is to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. Everyone in our family is in their room except for eating and talking together at three meals every day. Apart from reviewing Kwai tiktok, I do not watch the drama, do not watch the jitter, and watch the news of the epidemic. Besides, I will also know how to solve the problem of buying vegetables and buying masks.

Compared with college students in other areas, the characteristics of college students in Wuhan area are two: first, they should strictly study and live at home; second, they should pay special attention to the progress and prevention of the epidemic. Generally speaking, for the college students living at home, their study time is relatively limited, and the effect of online classes needs further observation; leisure and entertainment activities are more developed, and personal connection to the Internet has become an important way; daily family life is rich, and they get along with their families more fully; they pay attention to and moderately participate in social and public affairs.

3u3001 A brief analysis of the current home-based learning state of College Students

At present, the home-based learning life of college students mainly includes three kinds of activities: personal growth and development, leisure and entertainment, and daily life. Through investigation, the author has the following findings:

uff081uff09 The uneven effect of online teaching is an objective reflection of the existing higher education ecology

It is reported that since February 10, 600000 peoples teachers in more than 300 cities across the country have turned into anchors to carry out relevant teaching work through various platforms such as learning links, Tencent conferences, pegs, etc. through online classroom, which is expected to cover the vast majority of primary and secondary school students in the country. The online course is open. How is the teaching effect?

According to a number of young college teachers, first of all, the new online education mode is a challenge to teachers in Colleges and universities, which is highly dependent on the sense of responsibility, preparation and teaching level of teachers. At present, there are not many teachers who meet this series of requirements. Most of them have experienced tedious preparation work, and the online teaching effect is extremely limited, a small part The teacher still rowed.

Secondly, for college students, home-based learning has lost the original learning environment on campus, which is loose in organization and limited in restriction. During the period of school, it is not realistic to study hard and listen to lessons, and it is also unrealistic to hope on the new form of online education, which has nothing to do with technical means and teaching mode. The key lies in the level of students individual learning enthusiasm and self-discipline awareness. From the observation and interview of the author, in the absence of effective organization and basic constraints, the vast majority of students obviously do not have the basic self-discipline awareness and enthusiasm for autonomous learning. Therefore, the vast majority of colleges and students to carry out and accept online education effect is relatively limited.

uff082uff09 Leisure and entertainment has become the general state of College Students home life

Tiktok Kwai, from the interview, shows that many college students are playing games, brushing, shaking, fast, micro-blog, WeChat, todays headlines, beep and chase, etc., and become their main leisure contents. Among them, the college students living in the city are especially so, most of them are only children, with higher network popularity. The community and even buildings are closed management, most of the time is spent in their own rooms, and the network becomes an important place for them to spend their time. College students living in rural areas are slightly rich in group status, with more children at home, especially in large families. After closed management, most villages are tight outside and loose inside. The public space of villages is rich. During the period of home life, in addition to online leisure, playing cards or mahjong, baking fire, etc. have also become an important part of their leisure and entertainment life. Take my hometown as an example. There are 150 households and 450 people in the natural village. Although the Internet penetration rate is less than 30%, all college students have one or more smart phones that can access the Internet smoothly.

Take the author as an example. Since 2006, when I was in high school, especially after I went to university, I have returned home every year around the 23rd of the 12th lunar month, and left home around the 8th of the first lunar month. I havent had the chance to spend the Lantern Festival and the second of February together with my family for a long time. Since the outbreak, I have been home for more than one month since the 26th of December, which gives me a rare opportunity to thoroughly experience the detailed but complete and rich family life with my family. According to the interviewees, after the outbreak of the epidemic, the local villages (communities) were closed for management, spending almost all the time with their families, comprehensively understanding the family development history and family interpersonal relationship, looking forward to the future development, and helping parents, grandparents to share some basic family affairs. This period of time has become a rare opportunity for college students to have a deep understanding of their families, parents, family life and even the local villages (communities). Family education and social life are not the important contents of contemporary college students receiving education?

4u3001 College students dont have to worry about going back to school

The survey found that the effect of home-based learning is full of uncertainty and the quality of learning is uneven, but the author believes that it is not necessary to rush back to school. The reasons are as follows.

First, the home-based learning state of college students is in disorder and orderly, and is undergoing positive changes. We should be patient with the new education mode of Internet plus education and give the parties enough time and space to make flexible adjustments.

Second, at present, college students are still faced with the risk of epidemic spread, so it is not suitable to go back to school lightly before the epidemic situation is effectively controlled. At present, the epidemic situation in the majority of non key epidemic areas in China has continued to develop significantly, but it does not mean that the risk is completely relieved, especially in the current global epidemic situation is still deteriorating, asymptomatic infections often occur, the incubation period is long, there are many people who still carry the virus after being cured and discharged. It can be seen that although the current epidemic situation There are positive and positive changes, but we should not take them lightly. The return of white-collar groups and migrant workers to work is necessary for the recovery of national economic and social production and development. At present, college students are not producers in a complete sense. The situation of returning to school is not urgent, but may lead to a series of uncontrollable risks. Compared with the human-made risks, it is better to return to school safely after the national epidemic situation is generally effectively controlled.

Third, a complete and rich family life is also an indispensable part of college education. Education, especially higher education, is not only equal to the learning of knowledge content at a higher stage. Family life, social life, agricultural production, etc. are also indispensable parts of College Students education content. At present, the epidemic situation undoubtedly provides a rare opportunity for the contemporary college students to understand the family, understand the family, experience family life, and even the history of the village (community) in reality, which greatly helps to enrich the life experience and life pattern of the college students.

According to many young teachers, such as Wuhan University, northwest agricultural and Forestry University of science and technology, Beijing University of technology and so on, they will continue to study at home for a short time. They also flexibly arrange suitable and flexible reading activities for liberal arts majors, such as sociology, social work, and administrative management. They require students to study at home and hold a reading inspection report meeting after returning to school. This practice also It is worth learning.

According to the above analysis, before the epidemic situation is effectively controlled, the resumption of college students should not be started easily, which means that the home-based learning and life of college students will become the general state for the next period of time (15-45 days). Based on this, the author suggests as follows:

First, focus on growth and development, increase learning content and improve the quality of time use. For the vast majority of college students, the growth and development gap between people is not talent, but the quality of time use. The higher the quality of time use, the more fully personal growth and development. If we want to achieve the high quality of individual time use, we can not do without the awakening of individual growth and development subjectivity and full time and energy investment.

Second, moderately reduce unnecessary leisure and entertainment activities, and fully cherish the rare opportunity of complete and rich family life. For college students, especially when they go to work in the future, its normal to get together with their families and stay away from them. In this case, why not take advantage of the full opportunity of home life at present, learn more about family history, accompany family members and parents, and enrich your family life experience and harmonious family relationship atmosphere through in-depth experience and long-term company.

Wang Xiangyang, assistant researcher of School of public management and political law, Southwest Jiaotong University, researcher of China Rural Governance Research Center, Wuhan University

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