No lack, no missing! Henan Education Department reissues documents to guide online teaching

 No lack, no missing! Henan Education Department reissues documents to guide online teaching

Education bureaus of cities and Jiyuan demonstration areas under the jurisdiction of each province, and education bureaus of counties (cities) under the direct control of each province:

Since the start of online teaching, all regions and schools have conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of our department for online teaching work, and flexibly carried out online teaching activities according to local conditions and different schools. The overall progress of online teaching work in the whole province has been stable and orderly. With the further delay of school opening time in spring, online teaching activities in primary and secondary schools will continue for a period of time. In order to strengthen the guidance of online learning for students with special difficulties and strive to eliminate the blind spots in online teaching, the relevant work notice is as follows:

1u3001 Strictly implement the main responsibility of online teaching

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control primary school online teaching work guidance (No. 2020] 5) and Supplementary Notice on the new online teaching work of primary and secondary schools during the period of prevention and control of new coronavirus (No. 22, 2020) are required by all cities and counties. The organization, leadership and overall guidance of the online teaching work, the rational use of the online teaching resources and television teaching resources provided by the state and provinces and cities, the overall use of the learning resources of all subjects, to ensure the scientificity and effectiveness of the online teaching work, and to be responsible, responsible and responsible.

2u3001 The progress of online learning

Cities and counties should systematically summarize and sort out the progress of online teaching, comprehensively figure out the teaching organization of each school and the online learning of each student, accurately grasp the use of teaching platform, the unblocked learning channels and the hardware conditions of online learning at home, so as to ensure that no one is missing or missing. It is necessary to establish the list of online teaching platforms, broadband (TV) network access list of students families, online learning terminals (including TV) list of students, and the list of students who do not have the conditions for online learning, so as to fully grasp the basic conditions for students to carry out online (TV) learning.

3u3001 Accurately help the students with special difficulties

All cities and counties shall, in accordance with the epidemic information held by relevant departments and schools, timely learn about the learning and living conditions of students with financial difficulties in their families. We should focus on the areas with serious epidemic situation, poverty-stricken areas and remote areas, and focus on the help and guidance of children of families in need, children of front-line personnel for epidemic prevention and control, left behind children, children of moving with others and other special groups of students. For students who do not have the network conditions and who do not have smart phones and TV families, establish a precise assistance mechanism, such as organizing these students to watch TV learning programs in the village committee or the Party members activity room under the condition of ensuring safety, and do a good job in caring, caring and funding work with the school as the unit of one person, one policy. We should actively coordinate poverty alleviation, civil affairs, disabled persons Federation and other departments, mobilize poverty alleviation cadres in villages, Party members and cadres in rural areas, and teachers to carry out one-to-one assistance, so as to provide temporary learning terminals for special groups such as students with family difficulties in online learning; we should actively coordinate basic telecommunication operation enterprises such as mobile, Unicom, and telecommunications, and give them, especially poor students with filing cards Reduce mobile phone traffic fees and other care.

4u3001 Strengthen communication and cooperation between home and school

All schools should strengthen home school communication, close home school contact, and do a good job in propaganda, explanation and guidance of family education. Parents should be guided to actively cooperate with the school to do a good job in the management and guidance of students home-based learning and life, to create a good online learning environment for students, to arrange their childrens learning, life and exercise scientifically and moderately, to strengthen the psychological guidance during the epidemic period of children, and to ensure their physical and mental health. We should establish a feedback mechanism for the needs of students and their parents, respect the reasonable needs of students and their parents, scientifically adjust learning plans, learning contents and learning methods, and enhance the timeliness of teaching contents and the flexibility of teaching methods. For individual students who are not willing to participate in online learning, the school shall approve the application according to the reasons and carry out individualized guidance after the classroom teaching is resumed.

The education bureaus of cities under the jurisdiction of each province, Jiyuan demonstration area and counties (cities) under the direct control of the province must do a good job in the analysis and judgment of learning situation at the same time, and pay close attention to the quality of online courses, the progress of teaching materials distribution, the connection of online learning and classroom teaching after the opening of school. Before March 6, all cities and counties shall report the overall situation of online learning, the number of students who do not have the conditions for online learning and the measures taken to help students with family difficulties in online learning to the technology and Information Technology Department of our department.

A daughter of a poor family in Henan Province kills herself by swallowing drugs because she cant get online at home

On the morning of February 29, Li, a junior high school student in Dengzhou, had no money to buy a mobile phone to follow the schools online classes on time due to poverty at home, but swallowed a large number of drugs to treat her mothers mental illness, causing her life to be in danger. So far, she has been rescued in the Central Hospital of Dengzhou.