Beijing announces novel coronavirus pneumonia new activity case in March 1st

 Beijing announces novel coronavirus pneumonia new activity case in March 1st

T05 community, Tangjialing new town, Wang (region) town, Northwest China

The confirmed cases have been admitted to the designated hospitals for treatment, and the disinfection work has been carried out. It reminds all units and public friends that the epidemic situation is still complex and severe, and we cant relax at all. We must conscientiously implement the responsibilities of territorial prevention and control, Department prevention and control, unit main body and individual prevention and control, and further consolidate the basis of prevention and control work.

The CDC specially reminded all units to strengthen the health management of logistics, property, canteen, security, cleaning, maintenance and other personnel, timely grasp the situation of the personnel returning to Beijing, carefully conduct the medical observation 14 days after coming to Beijing, and strengthen the anti epidemic knowledge training. The phenomenon of personnel aggregation should be avoided, and the body temperature should be observed in time. If there are fever, dry cough and other symptoms, the fever clinic should be visited in time. People can choose the fever clinic nearby through the guidance of Baidu, Gaud and other navigation systems.

Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention

March 2, 2020

Beijing health treasure app is online, you can query status at any time

The query results of health treasure can be used as the reference of epidemic prevention related health status for your return to work and daily travel. Considering the subsequent use scenarios and people of health treasure, the concept of convenience, safety and anti-counterfeiting was adopted at the beginning of the design