Pope Francis is still coughing when work is announced next week

 Pope Francis is still coughing when work is announced next week

On March 1, Francis attended the sermon. From Associated Press

Please pray for the spiritual retreat week that starts tonight in Alicia (a suburb of Rome), this year, the cold prevented me from participating in this activity. According to Itar TASS, on March 1 local time, Francis announced the news while attending a traditional sermon, during which he also coughed twice.

However, Francis also added that he would conduct a spiritual retreat at the Vatican. According to Itar TASS, Franciscans and Roman clergy usually went to the outskirts of Rome to participate in the event.

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This is not the first time that Francis has cancelled his work schedule because of physical discomfort. The associated press previously reported that on Wednesday (26th), Francis was not well and had symptoms of coughing and sneezing. The next day, he canceled a mass he had attended with Roman clergy and missed a meeting on Friday. The New York Daily News commented that in three days, Francis had missed two official events, a rare decision made by the Pope, which he had never been absent from.

Itar noted that novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the discomfort of the Francisco, which caused some media speculation. Recently, the Vatican has also taken special measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. For example, in St. Peters Square, it requires believers to keep a certain distance.

The Vatican is located in the northwest highlands of Rome, the capital of Italy. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Italy has been reported on March 1st by the comprehensive CNN (CNN) and the European times. The 1694 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in the country and 34 cases died. At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most common case in Asia outside Italy.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 1694 cases in Italy, 566 cases were compared with the previous day, Borrelli, head of the Civil Defense Department, said in a regular epidemic notification.