72000 people gathered along the Tokyo Marathon, many without masks

 72000 people gathered along the Tokyo Marathon, many without masks

Audience gathered in front of asakusarai gate (daily sports)

Overseas network 2 March novel coronavirus outbreak shrinking Tokyo marathon ended on the 1 day, Ethiopias Leggese successfully defended. The organisers had previously appealed to the audience not to come to the scene, but some 72000 people gathered along the way, a move that sparked controversy online in Japan.

On the day of the event, organizers prepared about 70000 masks and about 200 liters of disinfectant and asked the audience not to stop to watch, but a volunteer said he did not ask the audience to leave.

In Ginza, Asakusa and other places where the audience gathered in large numbers, the organizers also called on the audience not to shout, but to applaud and cheer for the players to prevent the droplets from infecting them.

The Japanese government had asked for large-scale events to be closed, postponed or downsized earlier, but after many Japanese netizens saw the live broadcast, they questioned why other competitions were held without audience, but the Tokyo Marathon still gathered so many audiences along the way.

Some netizens said that not only the organizers, but also the Tokyo Metropolitan Government should appeal to the public not to watch the battle along the way.

Another netizen said that the current situation is so severe that watching battles along the way is like walking along the river in typhoon days, which is a confused behavior lacking safety awareness.

Shoot and run! The Tokyo Marathon was held as scheduled, and people gathered to watch and cheer on

At about 9:10 a.m. local time on March 1, 2020, the Tokyo Marathon opened. Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, this east horse cancelled the public participation, only 207 elite athletes participated.

Many towns in northern Italy are blocked. Residents refuse to wear masks and want freedom

Affected by the epidemic, many towns in northern Italy have been blocked, including the town of Wo in the Veneto region. Local residents gathered in the square, holding huge banners and demanding freedom back.