22 deaths in novel coronavirus pneumonia in Korea and 77 year old mans death

 22 deaths in novel coronavirus pneumonia in Korea and 77 year old mans death

Information chart (Qingbei daily)

Overseas network, novel coronavirus pneumonia, 2 March, according to Yonhap reported on 2 April, 1 pm in Daegu, South Korea, a 77 year old woman died at home. She suffered from bronchitis, and confirmed the new crown pneumonia in February 29th. But due to tight beds, he has not yet been hospitalized.

As of 4:00 p.m. Monday, there were 3736 confirmed cases in South Korea. Due to the surge of confirmed cases in Daegu city and North Qingshang Road, there has been a shortage of beds and medical staff.

Recently, four confirmed patients in Daegu city failed to wait for their beds and died in isolation at home. For example, on February 27 and 28, a 74 year old male and a 70 year old female were rushed to hospital and died of breathing difficulties.

In order to solve the problem of bed shortage, South Koreas central anti epidemic strategy headquarters released a new version of the treatment management plan on January 1, which adjusted the current system of all confirmed patients receiving hospitalization treatment to focus on the treatment of severe patients, and light patients will be concentrated in the life treatment center for medical observation.

However, Yonhap also pointed out that due to the failure to fundamentally solve the problem, it is difficult to avoid a repeat of the tragedy of the death of patients and others during their bed.