Chilean writer Sepulveda novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Spain

 Chilean writer Sepulveda novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Spain

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, a 70 year old Chilean writer living in Spain, was diagnosed with LuisSep, according to the Spanish national newspaper, Luis Sepulveda (lveda). It is reported that he was in Portugal after a literary festival, returned to Spain after symptoms, and confirmed in Oviedo, Spain. The famous writer has novel coronavirus pneumonia in Asturias, Spain.

It is not clear whether Sepulveda was infected in Portugal or Spain. Given that Luis Sepulveda attended a literary festival in Portugal last week, there is still no definite diagnosis of Portugal or danger. As of publication, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Spain was 58.

Luis Sepulveda was born in 1949 into a Chilean Communist family. During Pinochets time, he participated in the underground resistance movement. He was imprisoned twice and then exiled in many countries. Sepulveda is the author of the old man reading love story, Patagonia express and the cat teaching seagulls to fly, etc. He has won many literary awards and honorary titles, including Chiles gavrela Mistral poetry award, spring Novel Award, etc.

There are several Chinese versions of Louis Sepulvedas books, including the cat that teaches seagulls to fly, the old man who reads love stories and the lost south.

Teach the seagull the flying cat

Old man reading love story

Lost South