Investors yell at listed companies across the air: fooling investors to take legal responsibility

 Investors yell at listed companies across the air: fooling investors to take legal responsibility

In addition, the new Securities Law divides investors into ordinary investors and professional investors, and stipulates that in case of disputes between ordinary investors and securities companies, securities companies shall prove their own legitimacy.

Mr. Zhang, an investor with more than five years of investment experience, told the Securities Daily that in real life, securities companies have more ability, means and technology to retain and provide relevant evidence. According to the new securities law, the burden of proof belongs to the securities company, making up for the defect that small and medium-sized investors cannot prove the existence of infringement due to the wrong information. If securities companies cant prove their innocence, they will bear the corresponding compensation responsibility, reduce the burden of proof of investors, and better protect small and medium-sized investors.

It is worth mentioning that the new securities law sets up a special chapter to regulate the information disclosure system, for example, to expand the scope of information disclosure obligors; to emphasize that the information necessary for investors to make value judgments and investment decisions should be fully disclosed; to make it clear that the acquirers of listed companies should disclose the capital sources of the increased shares; to add the mandatory disclosure matters related to the bonds of listed trading companies and so on, The investors right to know is protected according to law.

On the interactive platform of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, many investors pay attention to the formal implementation of the new securities law, especially the information disclosure of listed companies, investors right to know and other relevant contents. For example, some investors left a message to the listed company: the new securities law has increased the important content of information disclosure and investor protection of the listed company. If the listed company and related parties cheat the investors to be legally responsible, please think twice about the company and related parties of restructuring! After the implementation of the new securities law on March 1, major shareholders are requested to standardize the letter and cover, and do not try the law by example and so on.

Mr. Wang, a financial media practitioner and senior shareholder, told the Securities Daily that the representative litigation system has increased the ways and channels of safeguarding rights for small and medium-sized investors, improved efficiency and reduced the costs of safeguarding rights and litigation. At the same time, cooperate with the first compensation clause in the chapter of investor protection to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the injured investor.

During the interview with the reporter of Securities Daily, many investors said that the new securities law complied with the call of the market, summed up and refined the previous experience and suggestions and raised them to legal terms, which made the legal rights and interests of investors be infringed with laws, and the protection of investors rights and interests reached a new level.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Daily: Yang qian_nf4425