30 new Louvre closures in France: employees refuse to work for fear of the epidemic

 30 new Louvre closures in France: employees refuse to work for fear of the epidemic

Christian galani, a representative of the French Federation of trade unions, said in an interview that the Louvre side (on the morning of the 1st) held a meeting to address the concerns of employees, but management representatives could not persuade employees to continue working in the epidemic.

Due to the aggravating trend of the recent French epidemic, markron held an emergency ministerial meeting on the epidemic on 29th last month, which decided to strengthen the prevention and control measures in the more severe areas, and temporarily cancelled all gatherings gathering more than 5000 people in a closed environment and some outdoor activities throughout France. The Paris half marathon, which was scheduled to be held on the 1st, was cancelled.

The Louvre is also a closed space with over 5000 people a day, and some of its employees are really worried about it, Mr galani said

Were worried because the visitors to the Louvre are from all over the world, another employee, Andrea sarristin, told the associated press. The risk is very, very high, its just a matter of time.

Staff asked the Louvre to further strengthen control measures, such as putting hand sanitizer in the museum and adding glass between cashiers and tourists to prevent the spread of droplets.

On the afternoon of January 1, the Louvre officially announced on its twitter that it would be closed all day. The Louvre apologizes for the inconvenience. At the same time, the audiences who have purchased tickets can also negotiate with the ticket department to refund tickets.

Another conference on epidemic prevention will be held in the Louvre on Tuesday, local time, at which representatives of the trade union and management will participate. In sarristins view, tourists should be given health checks to protect staff. If any visitor confirms novel coronavirus pneumonia, Le Louvre museum should be completely closed.

He added that employees had asked management to distribute masks, but so far they had only one disinfectant containing alcohol, which is totally unsatisfactory to us..

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has increased in Europe since the end of last month, and the first case in many countries has been reported. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in Italy as of 1 days, with 1694 cases diagnosed and 566 cases added on a single day. The second was France, with 130 cases confirmed.