Syrian military announces closure of airspace in Northwest Syria

 Syrian military announces closure of airspace in Northwest Syria

The Syrian news agency quoted the Syrian military statement as saying that the general headquarters of the Syrian armed forces announced the closure of airspace in the northwest region, especially in Idlib province. The Syrian army will take any aircraft or drones that enter the airspace as hostile targets and shoot them down.

The statement alleged that the Turkish army continued to harass the Syrian army in Idlib province and its surrounding areas, either directly attacking our army or providing all kinds of support to terrorist organizations.

On the same day, the Syrian military also said it had shot down a Turkish drone in salakib, Southeast of Idlib Province, and denied some media reports of the shooting down of Syrian warplanes.

Syrias Idlib province borders Turkey and is the last major territory controlled by Syrian opposition forces and extremist organizations in Syria. In September 2017, during the Astana talks on Syria, Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed to set up four conflict degraded areas in Syria, including parts of Idlib province. Recently, the Syrian government army and the Turkish army have had a head-on conflict in Idlib, and both sides have suffered casualties in the exchange of fire.

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