Video | 60 hours after Sun Yang was banned eight years ago: twice questioning the regret of the mother of violent anti prosecution

 Video | 60 hours after Sun Yang was banned eight years ago: twice questioning the regret of the mother of violent anti prosecution

Now its more than 60 hours since the announcement that Sun Yang has been banned for eight years. Sun Yang has made four grievances on Weibo. One hour after the results of the ban were announced, Sun Yang tweeted, shocked, angry, incomprehensible!! There will be an appeal! The third hour after knowing the result, Sun Yang exposed the handwritten letter signed by the testing staff and added the text violent anti detection? Sun Yang actively cooperated with the inspection, but the prosecutor could not provide the qualification certificate, so the urine test and blood test could not be completed (the blood samples that have been taken can not be taken away). In this picture, there is even the ID number of the urine examiner (the picture has been blurred). Seven minutes later, Sun Yang became a blogger for the third time, publicized the video of the night of the incident, and wrote violent anti prosecution twice?

In the video released by Sun Yang, Sun Yang said to one of the inspectors, little girl, you are here today. If my parents and I get privacy disclosure, you are responsible. The woman responded with um.

Sun Yang announces video screenshot

At 10:59 a.m. on Tuesday, Sun Yang tweeted for the fourth time, saying that Wu Bing, one of the urine inspectors, admitted that he was only a construction worker and had never been trained in doping control.

In addition to the innocence of Sun Yangs four certificates, her mother, Ms. Yang Ming, published a long article in the circle of friends at noon on the 29th, and said in an interview that she was sorry for her son: in the years when he became famous, there were two things I didnt follow his advice, which proved that he was right. If I didnt stick to my opinion, maybe everything would change. I feel very sorry for my son. Sun Yangs mother didnt explain the specific incident.

Hearing: Ms. Yang Ming, Sun Yangs mother, talks about her sons tears

In addition, Sun Yangs Lawyer Zhang Qihuai also issued a statement, saying that he would protect rights to the end. February 28, 2020 is a dark day. It makes the scene of evil conquering justice and power replacing justice appear in front of the public. He ignores rules and procedures, ignores facts and evidence, and accepts all lies and false evidence. Sun Yang will, in accordance with legal procedures, give the highest level to the Swiss Federal Government within 30 days The court appeals.

According to the legal procedure, the Supreme Court of Switzerland will investigate the arbitration procedure of Sun Yangs hearing. In the history of CAS, only 7% of the cases have been turned over.